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  1. Thanks for the thorough review, I really like the transparent black with that lovely maple board. In fact that's exactly the colour combo I have on my B4. Good to hear you rate the GB75JH so highly. In terms of my budget and sale prices that seem to around at the minute (hopefully still there when I come to buy), I'm potentially more likely to go for the JJ. Nice transparent amber and blue finishes available, and I believe the same hardware and probably electronics. That's really interesting to hear on the omega bridge string spacing options. Sounds ideal in fact, giving the option to find the most comfortable fit.
  2. After a failed foray into 5 strings a while ago, I'd like another go. I think one of the main issues I found was tight string spacing which I struggled with. I went straight into gigging with the 5 without properly adapting and in the end I traded it on for a 4. I currently own a Cort B4 which I love, and I rate Cort basses. The GB75 JJ has caught my eye. There seem to be some good sale prices out there at the moment, and from what I can tell they have a wide string spacing at both the bridge and nut. I also used to own a MIM Jazz and really liked the sound of the neck jazz pickup soloed. (I get this is a different bass and I'm not trying to replicate the Fender sound I had, but I'm hankering for a jazz style pickup sound again) The reviews I've found of the GB75 range have been very positive, but I'd really appreciate the views of any Basschatters who've tried/own these. I'm not really looking for lots of alternative suggestions though thanks, though if anyone has really strong contenders then do share. I probably won't be looking to buy for a few months, so chances are any good deals on the classifieds might move on by then. Cheers, Edd
  3. Just sold my Squier Fretless Jazz to Simon. Good communication, quick payment, collected exactly when he said he would and we had a good chat about budget basses. I'd happily deal with Simon again. Edd
  4. Up for sale only (no trades thanks) my Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz (with Stagg gig bag - basically a dust cover with no padding). I've seen some ludicrous ambitious prices for these one ebay recently, but hopefully I've got this up at a fair price. This Andertons link has specifications, which I believe should be correct. I've owned this for a few years from new but it's never been gigged and only occasionally played at rehearsal plus home use, so good condition. The plastic is still on the control panel - that's why it looks so smeared in the first photo. I've tried to highlight the only major ding on the back of the body (a £1 coin for size reference). There are a couple of minor blemishes that I couldn't capture with the camera, and some minor marking on the fingerboard. Strung with Rotosound Jazz flatwounds now I think. I think it was originally strung with rounds which may account for some of the marking on the fingerboard - I changed them quite soon after buying the bass. I've tried to show some of the marking in the photos - it doesn't affect the playability. This has been a good introduction to fretless, but I just don't play it enough and should be moving house quite soon - hence the sale. No trades thanks (I may also be saving for a 5 string after the move...!). Collection preferred from SE London (Sydenham SE26 area ideally), but could also meet around London - public transport and social distance rules permitting. I would not be comfortable sending by post - I have no experience of this and no spare solid case or packing materials available. Any questions let me know. Cheers, Edd
  5. Love that burst with the maple!
  6. The Cort B4 gets my vote. I have a B4 Plus AS RM (catchy!) and it's the most comfortable bass I've owned. I can't compare to all your other options though, and not sure about emulating the Justin Chancellor tone, but it's a really nice bass!
  7. Much appreciated thanks. I've put up a Thomas the Rhymer take as well now. Agreed, I really enjoy Rick Kemp's playing. Some very interesting lines right through the Steeleye catalogue.
  8. With face to face playing obviously limited at the moment, I thought I'd have a crack at recording some covers and uploading to YouTube. By no means do I have a professional setup, so I would appreciate any tips any one has for more effective recording and EQ to mix my playing into the background song without being too much/too little. Recording set up is: Boss BR80 as the interface, Audacity, camera video recording and Lightworks for editing. There don't seem to be too many Steeleye covers around and I plan to record a few more. YouTube link here. Hopefully I dont fall foul of copyright requirements etc., but if its gets challenged I'll take it down - I only did it for fun anyway! Cheers, Edd
  9. Not got a lot else to concentrate on at the minute!
  10. Extremely cool. I can't see a strap button so I assume it's on the heel - how is the balance?
  11. Quite right too! About 15 seconds in...
  12. Just watching ITV, a Vodafone advert comes on and somewhere in the middle is a clip of two guitarists and two bassist playing. I'm sure I'd seen something interesting, found the advert on YouTube and I'm certain one of the bassists is playing a blue Dingwall D Roc. It might be lockdown stir craziness setting in, but that's quite an exciting advert bass spot!
  13. I had one of the P models, the RPB65, in red. It was a really nice bass, with a great sound from the Entwistle pickups. Bit of a bargain they are too. I only moved it on because I had never owned a P bass but subsequently decided it wasn't quite for me. I found resting on the pickup a bit of a bugger with the screw positioning. Nothing against the Revelation though!
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