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  1. Great choice - I'm a big fan of Corts and totally agree about the comfortable satin necks. I think that'll look great with the pearl pickguard too - look forward to the pictures!
  2. I've been thinking about this recently too. The guys in the band are happy to rehearse but I've decided not to. I'm in tier 2. Although some of the rules seem a bit nonsensical, especially when it comes to workers in hospitality or heritage, it just seems like an unnecessary bending of the rules in my circumstances - I have been working from home and can continue to do so, and playing the bass isn't my job. I also was thinking about how if I came into contact with somebody on the tube or something and had to isolate I may not be able to see family at Christmas. That said I know there is probably just as much risk in going to Sainsburys, and the whole Christmas covid break all seems very odd even with appropriate bubble type procedures followed. I'll still have to take a probably busy train for a couple of hours to see my family, so that's hardly covid secure even with a mask and hand wash etc. Tricky old situation to make sense of, but I agree we shouldn't actively look for ways to bend the rules.
  3. Black for me, looks great with the burst edges and the neck colour. To be fair all three look very decent though!
  4. The body shape reminds me quite a bit of the Michael Manring Zon Hyperbass. Looks nice!
  5. I have a 'B4 Plus AS RM', in fact the 4 string model of the screenshot from that video. I love it. It's easily the most comfortable bass I've played, is nice and light, and the bartolini pickup/markbass preamp combo does what I need. Admittedly I dont have much preamp experience so I'd defer to others there. Good quality hardware - hipshot machine heads and a solid usable bridge, so the bass sits well on a strap. I find the satin (I think) neck finish very smooth and easy to get around, but I'm sure some people prefer glossy necks. I don't know if the roasted maple board makes any discernible difference sound wise but it looks nice! One very minor annoyance is the small headstock means there is some wiggle room in both standard sized gig bags I own. All in all I'm a big fan!
  6. I have the 5 string version of this, with the double jazz pickups. I'm not in the market, sorry, but for anyone interested I'd say this is a cracking price for a really good bass!
  7. Always loved the look of Rippers. And RDs!
  8. Fair enough, no point keeping something in there you don't enjoy the sound of. Interesting how close to the bridge that pickup is.
  9. Cor, is that an Original series on the right? Bloody cool looking basses I think.
  10. Oooh nice! I have always been quite interested in these lines as one who couldn't afford/personally justify a full fat Overwater. That and I am a massive Rick Kemp - of Steeleye Stan fame - fan and he seems to have played Overwaters for many years.
  11. Beautiful. All the stuff about Chapman the bloke had totally passed me by, but I had seen a similar model in a natural finish online a while back and was intrigued as I'd never heard of the brand until then. The finish on yours is nicer!
  12. Nice! I remember really liking the look of the Blonde Modern Player Telecaster, but that sunburst isn't too bad either!
  13. Thanks for the thorough review, I really like the transparent black with that lovely maple board. In fact that's exactly the colour combo I have on my B4. Good to hear you rate the GB75JH so highly. In terms of my budget and sale prices that seem to around at the minute (hopefully still there when I come to buy), I'm potentially more likely to go for the JJ. Nice transparent amber and blue finishes available, and I believe the same hardware and probably electronics. That's really interesting to hear on the omega bridge string spacing options. Sounds ideal in fact, giving the option to find the most comfortable fit.
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