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Giazonne Reyes

Yamaha BB1500A - SOLD!

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Great workhorse basses, these. Details below:










Weight: 9.7 lbs / 4.4 kg on the bathroom scales

Scale: 34” 

Bridge: 19mm 

21 frets 

Nut: 1 11/16” 

Radius: 10”

Body: Alder 

Neck: Maple 

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Bolt-on neck 

Hardware: Gold

Pickups: 2 alnico single coil (stacked hum cancelling)

Electronics: volume, blend, 3 band EQ (+/- treble / bass and two mids presets - the mid control is a 3-way rotary selector switch to select between flat and the two presets) 

Mother of Pearl and Abalone inlays, gloss finish

It's a really nice active super-jazz. Without the offset body. An example of this model demo'd very expertly here: 

...by the redoubtable Jeff Andrews (RIP); and this actual bass demo'd significantly less effectively here, by me: 


Happy to answer any questions here on the thread or by PM.

Shipping: obvs better for you to come and try out here in Elephant & Castle (I'll provide some socially-distanced biscuits and a cuppa), but if that's not possible, I can ship to you via your choice of courier at your additional expense, or, if it's reasonable, deliver to you in my car for a contribution to the fuel money, whichever is cheaper for you.

Trades: thank you, no. 

Many thanks for checking out the ad!


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I have one. Underrated? Absolutely. Build quality, TRB electronics, the neck, the clarity of tone for 350 quid. Condition looks good as well. 

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On hold pending payment - many thanks for the interest everyone who PMd! 


Jason (Giazonne)

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Aaaaaand sold. Sorry about the suspense for some of you(!) - payment took rather a long time to reach me, despite being organised very promptly by the buyer. International bank transfer via IBAN/BIC number...anyone else had a crazy long wait for payment to arrive? The buyer was advised it would be processed in 24 hrs!

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    • By Greg Edwards69
      This is a great value and reliable bass, but I need to thin the herd
      I bought this used from Gig Gear in Harlow a number of years ago as a backup to my LTD2 Attitude. Built in1992, I believe and is great condition for a used. A handful of marks that were there when I bought it but is quite consistent for a bass of this vintage (the control cavity cover still has the plastic on it!)
      As I wanted this to be a backup to the LTD2 I replaced the pickups with the same Dimarzio DP146 “Will Power” split P and I installed an Ultra Jazz at the bridge - the most powerful Jazz single coil I could find. Unfortunately I do not have the original pickups anymore. You’ll notice I have added a couple of pieces of pickguard material to the top of the P pickup with double sided sticky tape. This is so I can seat them lower but use the surface as a ramp. Unlike Billy Sheehan’s expos method, this is completely reversible. 
      Unusually, this bass has a 3 way switch and master volume and tone.  Wide (45mm at nut) flat neck with rosewood fingerboard with a deeper more solid neck joint than other basses. Heavy duty Yamaha hardware (although the hex in one of the saddle screws was stripped when I bought it). Schaller strap locks (I may have the original strap buttons somewhere). Rotosound Billy Sheehan strings installed, but they will likely need replacing soon. Beautiful Crimson Red finish. Appears to have a subtle sparkle and changes from red to pink in different light. I will include a levies strap with the other parts of the strap locks installed. Local pickup would be preferred (Southend-on-Sea area, easily accessed from London). I could meet in London if preferred. I can include a Warwick roackbag gig bag with this option for another £40 
      I’d rather not ship but I can do if necessary for a fee yet to be determined in a good quality Squier bass guitar box (gig bag inclusion not possible)  

    • By sprocketflup
      Now sold.
      My herd thinning continues with this, a Yamaha RBX374.
      This is a really nice bass, in very, very good condition, plays well and has a monster sound. The two MM style pickups give access to a very large palette of tones, very impressive. Usually is with Yamaha instruments though I find.
      The pics speak for themselves.
      I'm based near Honiton if anyone wants to come have a noodle, and would prefer the bass be collected. I'm not averse to posting if need be though. Alternatively, I'm  on the road a fair bit with my band, and could bring this along to a gig should we be playing near you. Dates and venues here - http://cloudbusting.co.uk/dates

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      Hey fellow bassmen!     You probably know how good this instrument is and how much I am going to regret selling it. Truth is that I actually don't even want to sell it! I am forced to due to the current situation, finances getting tighter and tighter by the day.   This is an awesome piece of equipment that is currently out of production, you will pretty much find them only second hand.   I gigged her quite extensively but always treated her with much respect. All that playing has definitely helped to bring her alive hence why she does have that mojo! There are virtually no dings or scratches on her, I've been that careful.   The sound of this bass is really incredible.. not to mention the construction: spline joint Alder body, Rosewood neck, through-body stringing and bolt-on construction. That's the specs you need for the perfect funk machine. I said enough! I Will throw in a hard case within the price too,     Get in touch, don't miss out on this rare beauty!     Matteo

    • By Mikkel-S
      The Japanese made Yamaha BB basses probably don't need any further introduction. This bass is the latest iteration of the legacy and does the job as expected. Superb craftsmanship and feels like "an old friend". Very resonant and lively bass. Sounds fantastic and suits pretty much any genre and playing style you throw at it. A modern working mans bass and a swiss knife sound wise. 
      Bass is in mint condition. 
      OHSC, all papers and case candy included. 
      Ships from Denmark. 
      Trades: fretless basses. MM Stingrays, Fender P's and maybe a nice short scale. 

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