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  1. Thank you but i’m only interested in some nice fender jb 4
  2. For sale Lakland 55-02 Deluxe made in Indonesia (2013) Superb bass with LH3 preamp and pickups onboard! Really nice condition. For more information, please send me a private message. IMG_6622~adjustment.plist
  3. Hi, please do not misleas people with advertisment tittle as Tony Franklin has been never made in Custom Shop and you are only adding a CS case and certificate from other pb bass I assume. what about bridge pickup? Is it original one or dod you replace it? Looks like di marzio one?
  4. Great seller. Good contact. Package well prepared for shipment.
  5. Hi, I have 2 Fender basses fo sale. 1. [left][b][url="http://allegro.pl/fender-jazz-bass-japan-jb62-dakota-red-i2077873376.html"]Fender Jazz Bass Japan JB62 Dakota Red[/url] 1997[/b][/left] Here you have more pics: [url="http://allegro.pl/fender-jazz-bass-japan-jb62-dakota-red-i2077873376.html"]http://allegro.pl/fe...2077873376.html[/url] PRICE: 850 $ Shippin cost : 60 $ to UK, shipping by EMS POLAND 2. [b] Fender Jazz Bass Japan JB62 Biały 1994 MIJ[/b] More pics: [url="http://allegro.pl/fender-jazz-bass-japan-jb62-bialy-1994-mij-i2105360078.html"]http://allegro.pl/fe...2105360078.html[/url] PRICE: 850 $ Shippin cost : 60 $ to UK, shipping by EMS POLAND All basses in really good condition. Sounds great ! Don't worry about shipping. It would be really good packed. If you have questions, please contact me : [email protected]
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