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NBD fender player p sunburst

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This came today. 

I needed a specific bass for a new tribute band and these looked a good option.

By chance I saw one in the local shop last week, was so impressed I asked for a test play and was sold there and then.

Now, we hear a lot about music shops dying out, but i really have to stick up for my local one here. They didnt have the model i wanted in stock, but went out of the way to order it for me from Europe. The timescale was exact (a week). They gave me a ring this afternoon to say it had arrived and when i got there they kindly asked if i just wanted to take it and whether i would like to open it and check everything was ok. They hooked it up to an amp in the shop then gave it a check over, tested it for buzzes and defects, then adjusted the truss rod to the perfect tension. All for free. All part of the service. If it had just come in the post from a mail order company he said it would have been poor to play as there was no tension in the neck at all. So, a big plus for buying from a physical shop.

Anywho, on to the bass....

The build quality is perfect. Ideal weight, solid but not heavy, great finish and plays beautifully. Very resonant acoustically.

The Pau Ferro fretboard is nice. Andertons described it as feeling a bit springy, and although it's perfectly solid, the analogy kind of works. It's very nice to play though, and sound nice.

There is plenty and I mean plenty of difference between the tone off and on. From dubby 60s vibe to full on clarity.

As part of the tribute look I needed a tort plate. I ordered one form mail order shop for £15. I had seen you need a 13 hole for a Mexican fender, and this proved right. It's a near perfect fit and only took 10 minutes to swap.

Cant wait to fire it up tomorrow.




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What a huge difference the tort makes to the overall look of this bass. Looks superb and HW Audio is a great music store.

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