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(In the) Evening...

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How do all in Bass Land..

Played guitar a bit many many moons ago, and the Charvel #2 came out the loft a few months back after hiding for the best part of 13 years, and is safe(ish) in the hands of my eldest at 15...

All this COVID lockdown bollox got me fed up... So i decided to order a Bass... All the local 'Cack Converters' are shut up... So, at the begining of April ordered...

Ibanez GSR200B - Favourable price, ordered from BAX - Nice neck!

Marshall MB15 Bass amp from the Bay of e...

Cheap Phaser pedal from Amazon... for a bit of 'Space Bass'...

Likes... 70s & Early 80s... Hawkwind, Motorhead (Original line up) Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Budgie (Burke Shelly's lot from Wales...) Zappa, and for more recent stuff Black Keys, a bit of Muse...

Bass guitar for Dummies has been well thumbed...

Hal Leonard's The Bass Method Complete Edition ordered...

Any info, advice or pointers would be most welcome...


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Good evening, Paul, and ...


Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share. rWNVV2D.gif

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17 hours ago, PaulThePlug said:

Spondon... Nice Motorcycle Frames...


I don't make them myself, you understand, but I always thought it was a great way of upgrading a pranged superbike.  Fortunately none of my spills were too bad.

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