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Trace Elliot AH600-12 Vs AH1200-12


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Hi bass folks

I've been hankering after one of either the TE AH600-12 or the AH1200-12 heads and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of either them in terms of tone, quality, reliability etc and whether having 2 separate power sections of the AH1200-12 are actually needed or would the 600W section of the AH600-12 have enough beef? I'm assuming that tone-wise, both would be the same.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi @jay42

IMHO the AH600 will give you more power than you'll ever need so unless you are wanting to run a stereo rig or play stadia without PA support, the AH1200 will give you nothing more than an extra 5kg to carry around (17kg for the AH600 vs 22kg for the AH1200).

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Cheers guys...I'm kinda torn because with my sensible bass playing hat on there's probably no scenario realistically that I would need to run two channels at 4 Ohms other than for pure self-satisfaction but I quite like the idea of having the option if I wanted too! 

I currently run a TC Electronic Blacksmith that has the capability of running at 2 Ohms (potentially using four 4x10s) and it is a very very good piece of kit but I've always loved Trace gear and I miss that tone. 

I had a mid-90s AH600SMX head which had 2 power amps just like the AH1200-12 and that was a beast and I regret parting with it to this day...

By the way the amps I am looking at are the newer Trace ones not the old vintage stuff so I'm hoping that the newer ones are just as loud!

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