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Hi from York GB

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Hey everyone, been playing bass for all of half a day.

I've played guitar and drums for a good few years now, but have only just dipped my toes into the bass waters.


I've only got a very cheap Encore P bass through either my Kemper or a THR10.


I've been down the gear rabbit hole with guitars and drums and thought why not bass too!  

Got loads of questions so I'll have a good search through old threads.  Hopefully this week I'll pick up a nice bass, still haven't decided on what yet.


All the best!



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Welcome Andy.

2 hours ago, Andy1325 said:

I've been down the gear rabbit hole

We call that a bout of GAS (Gear Addiction Syndrome) in these parts.

The gear rabbit hole is a whole other euphemism.  I'm so glad you didn't say you had been up the gear rabbit hole else we'd have had to shop you to the RSPCA.

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