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  1. I've never had a Ric, always wanted one though, they are super cool. Love the Fireglo finish, just looks right on that guitar.
  2. Ha ha, yes there are a few that are on the flamboyant side. That Inferno guitar has gotten the biggest cheer of the night just getting it out of the case when gigging. It takes the audiences attention away from my God awful playing having a weird guitar! Basses tend to be a bit more restrained in general, although I seem to remember a picture of Lemmy with a bass Inferno. I am on the prowl for a Fodera Yin Yang though, or a Bootsy glittery starry one! 🤪
  3. Loving the 6 string love here. So thought I'd stick a few more up. There's a few missing, I'm certain I'll catch up with basses soon enough 🤣
  4. As a guitarist first, and suffering greatly from GAS, I have an embarrassing amount of guitars. A couple of nice ones to be going on with...
  5. Brilliant info, thanks! Sorted the next few days YouTube watching then! I'll admit I'm finding it a bit weird with a pick, I'm going for where there usually is a string on a guitar and hitting air between the strings. I had a bad right hand injury 25yrs ago and it's still not 100%, so fingering poses it's own difficulties. (Fnarr, chortle, etc.)
  6. Tort with blue?! What kind of craziness is this!? Saying that I've just received a hot pink pearl scratchplate for a boring black strat today. Tort isn't so much of a stretch!
  7. Ha ha thanks! Yes I suppose it does appear overkill. However there was method in my madness. Having started learning guitar years ago on some real cheesegraters, it nearly put me off. Having a decent instrument to learn on was important to me to keep me coming back to it, plus if there was a little investment in it I'd feel guilty if I didn't use it. Also, decent instruments have usually had a bit of R&D into ergonomics, a bit more time spent making them playable and sounding nice which translates to wanting to spend time with the instrument.
  8. Thanks again for making it happen bud! The Sire is very very good. The neck is sublime, inlays are flush, no finishing issues at all, lacquer and paint is well done, frets are nicely seated, no dead spots or rough edges. And yes, white is a good shout. I was thinking about bright pink pearl...
  9. Ta! I've loved them for ages, can't explain it, I know they're a bit divisive but I seem to be drawn to guitars of that ilk too. My gigging guitar is a Luke, so knew anything by EBMM would be pretty decent. My first good function band, the bass player had a Stingray in natural with black guard and a towering Trace Elliott rig. Absolutely loved his sound and how well put together that bass was
  10. So having some time on my hands I thought I would start to learn bass. I've played guitar for years but never ventured into the low end at all. The last year or so we've been through four different bass players in the band. So with a typical guitarist's head on thinking 'how hard can it be?! Its two strings less so 33% easier to learn than guitar..." I decided to give it a go. (PS it's not easy at all, how far do your fingers stretch?!) So this week I've bought a reasonable setup to begin my bass journey. One Bongo thanks to @Jack on here, and a Sire V7 Ash/Maple thanks to Andertons. Amp wise I bought a TC BG250 112, and a Zoom MS-60B fx pedal for silent practice. Overall I'm really happy with my start. I'm just going through the Fender Play app to start with as I didn't want to play with a pick and pretend it's just a big guitar, as I felt I might miss some of the subtleties, and reinforce some bad habits. I'm in awe of the slap stuff though. That stuff really intrigues me. Anyway, enough rambling. Onto the most important question, black or white pickguard?
  11. I bought Jack's EBMM Bongo, I've just started playing bass and it was a seamless transaction. Superb comms throughout and nothing was too much trouble. Superb stuff, thanks mate!
  12. Hey everyone, been playing bass for all of half a day. I've played guitar and drums for a good few years now, but have only just dipped my toes into the bass waters. I've only got a very cheap Encore P bass through either my Kemper or a THR10. I've been down the gear rabbit hole with guitars and drums and thought why not bass too! Got loads of questions so I'll have a good search through old threads. Hopefully this week I'll pick up a nice bass, still haven't decided on what yet. All the best! Andy
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