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SOLD: Future Impact synth pedal - £235 including UK delivery and M-Audio USB midi interface

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Now sold: Panda Audio Future Impact for sale - fantastic synth pedal, recreation of the legendary Deep Impact pedal but so, so much more on top! Updated to the most recent v3 software with improved tracking and editing.

Mint condition with box and manual, velcro currently attached but original rubber feet included in the box.

Now just £235 including UK delivery, will also include an M-Audio Uno USB midi interface which is one of the recommended models, works with the Future Impact with no issues - cost £25 when bought. No trades sadly, am clearing stuff ahead of a house move.




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This is such a useful pedal! Amazing  fully featured synth tones,but can be used as a quality multi fx too!

The midi lead opens up,all the sonic options available. A bargain at this price 😁

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I’m tempted to buy a second one just to get it put into one of @GisserD‘s compact housings. But then I’d also want a new v3-decal one, especially as I worked on it. 

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I can't believe this is still here at this price! Such a useful pedal and the best bass synth on the market.

I was close to selling mine and after downloading some of quatschmachers patches,I can't be without it 😁

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      Price Drop - NOW £150 (including postage), these are currently £236 on GAK so this is a real deal for a pedal thats in great condition 🙂
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      This is a 2004 model in pretty excellent condition, these are increasingly rare and sought after since the Moogerfooger line was discontinued recently. Price includes UK shipping. If you have any questions please get in touch. At the moment I am not really looking for trades as I have an Alpher to fund!




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      Ungraded to the latest v3 firmware and sound bank.
      Includes UK postage.

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