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New Chowny Bass model - Route 51

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22 hours ago, Chownybass said:

…...my motivation is selfish and I don't have your best interests at heart. :)


Yes, but if I need that kind of careless cruelty....I have a perfectly good wife at home for that.


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Must admit, never had the chance to try one of these but I think they look really good. The main thing that puts me off making the effort to 1) Travel to try one or 2) Buy one unseen is the number of times I've seen Scott Whitley selling on his own signature models!

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3 hours ago, skej21 said:

Must admit, never had the chance to try one of these but I think they look really good. The main thing that puts me off making the effort to 1) Travel to try one or 2) Buy one unseen is the number of times I've seen Scott Whitley selling on his own signature models!

He sells them because I keep sending them to him and he doesn’t have space. Not because he doesn’t like them :)

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    • By Baloney Balderdash
      Just out of curiosity really, how do you prefer your string action to be, and what is the action and relief on your main bass (if you got one, otherwise about average of your most played basses)?
      My main is a lowly, but very much beloved,  Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Bass, with a just 28,6" scale length.
      I have swapped out the cheap stock pickups with some of higher quality, but otherwise I was lucky to get an as good as perfect bass from stock, well beside from the absolutely horrifying bad setup it came with, as well as the stock strings were pretty crappy as well.
      Measured from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the low E string the action is just about 1.9mm (5/64" =/~ 0.075"), and just about 1.4mm (1/16" =/~ 0.055") on the high G string side, with as good as no relief in the neck, something that perhaps translates to something like an about 0.2mm (1/64" =/~ 0.0079") gap or so between the top of the 8th fret and the bottom of the low E string when it is fretted at first and last fret simultaneously.
      No fret buzz whatsoever on any of the strings no matter where on the fretboard they are fretted when played acoustically with a light touch, though certain strings fretted at certain frets does result in a slight buzz when digging in a bit harder, but again only when played acoustically, when the bass is actually amplified there is absolutely no hints of fret buzz anywhere to be found, though still adjusted sufficiently low for allowing me to force out some clanky attack if desired. 
      But I do kind of have an idea about this kind of setup being about as low as you can go before it starts to affect the tone negatively, to some extend choking the string vibrations, no matter how perfectly leveled the frets might be.
      Though Regardless if this idea is actually true or not I prefer to be able to feel at least a slight amount to resistance when fretting the strings, for me to be able to feel that I am actually playing, as well as giving me a slightly more focused awareness of the fretboard and my playing.
      Preferably, for the sake of easy comparison, measure the string action at the 12th fret and the relief at 8th fret, like I did.
    • By Typhus
      Up for sale or trade is my Fodera Emperor DLX 5-string! 
      In really good shape and been played alot! It had Seymour Duncan jazz-style pickups in it but those have been changed to Aguilar DCB to give this bass more "modern" sound. The whole bass came alive after this operation. 
      Ask if you have some questions!
      Price is 6400euros 6000euros including shippin inside EU.  
      Partial trades to 5-strings from:
      Fodera (Different wood/pickups combo, NO standard models thanks!)
      MTD USA
      Alleva Coppolo
      - 3-piece maple neck
      - "35 scale
      - brass nut
      - 24-frets
      - Ebony fretboard  (Macassar if I remember right)
      - Dovetail neck-joint
      - 2-piece mahogany body
      - Figured walnut top and headstock
      - Abadlone butterfly without black outlines
      - birth year 2010
      - Aguilar DCB pickups
      - Mike Pope custom preamp
      - Golden hardware
      - original case and tools
      Heres a small sample of the bass played straight to soundcard:

    • By Abominathan
      I absolutely looooove this pedal. But alas, selling. Great nick (need a clean) and sounds amazing. Good price. MXR Bass octave. Simple. Does what it says on the tin and sounds beastly. 
      £50 - perfer collection from London (Forest Hill Area), but will post as long as you pay for it.
      One picture below and more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8RunnoMtgC8tdukY9

    • By silverfoxnik
      Vintage Trace Elliott AH200 BassAmp and Cover For Sale, 
      Now SOLD - thanks for all your interest! 👍😊
      For sale only is my Trace Elliot AH200 Amp which I bought on Basschat from @stewblack earlier this year. Here's a link to Stew's ad which includes a link to a short video clip of the amp working :
      The amp is in good working order and comes with it's original Trace Elliot cover as can be seen in the photos below.
      Despite the fact that it's a high quality English made, classic design bass amp that's packed with quality components and features, it's really portable for such a powerful amp!
      On that point, it delivers 200 watts at 4 ohms and trust me, they are seriously loud, old-skool Trace watts which to me, sound as loud as my Hughes and Kettner Bassbase 600 watt amp. 
      Apart from the classic Trace Elliot pre-shape switch - which I'd say gives you one of the classic bass tones of the last 35 years  at the push of a button - it also has a switchable 12-band graphic EQ which gives you further extensive controls to easily shape your tone. 
      Having said that, there is an inherent Trace Elliot tone to this amp in my opinion which is great straight out of the box also! I think someone else on Basschat once described it as 'hard-baked' which in my head equates to a dry, punchy and vintage bass tone. 
      Tech Spec:
      * 200 Watts of power at 4 ohms
      * Passive and active input sections
      * 12-band graphic EQ
      * Variable control for the graphic EQ
      * Balanced DI out
      * Effects loop
      * Noise reduction switch
      * Line in/Line out
      *  Headphone socket
      [Not sure how this link has appeared twice and now it has, I can't seem to remove it, so please ignore..] 
      In terms of weight, it’s about 9kg, and very easy to carry - lighter than the 300W version even though it is nearly as powerful. It’s convection cooled via a massive aluminium heatsink on the back – so no fans to go wrong. It does have that slight background 'hum' that these amps are known for, but it's not intrusive in my opinion.. 
      There's plenty of reviews online for these amps, including YouTube videos, so I won't duplicate them here.. Suffice to say, if you want to hear one of these in action or get feedback on how they sound, the interweb is your friend.. 😁
      I'm selling because I've got too many amps and not enough gigs! And, when I was gigging more regularly before the lockdown, I tended to always use my full valve amp...
      So, here's your chance to pick up a classic versatile and great sounding bass amp at a very affordable price! 
      Covid safe and properly socially distanced vewings are possible and welcome (by arrangement) in Littlehampton, West Sussex and yes, I'm happy to send by fully insured courier (at buyer's expense) if necessary. 
      Any questions, please ask away here or send me a PM.
      Thanks for looking as ever... 😊

    • By cbd
      For sale is an extremely rare Ibanez 6-string P/J bass - in fact pretty much the only model I've seen with a P pickup.The electronics are also really cool - high output pickups mean that you can toggle passive/active mode without the usual drop in volume you get on most active basses - so you can swap from passive P tones to punchy active modern tones in seconds, without switching amp inputs
      SR6 5pc Jatoba/Bubinga neck Bubinga top/Mahogany body Rosewood fretboard w/Abalone oval inlay Medium frets Accu-cast B306 bridge Nordstrand CND P/J pickups Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ/Eq bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot) Black matte hardware Condition is used, but only just - I got it just over a year ago, but it's not been out loads (gigs have been pretty slow recently for some reason...). A few tiny marks here and there if you look closely - the worst is probably at the edge of the end of the headstock (opposite "R in SDGR" - visible in the photos). Otherwise it's working great!
      Light (well, for a 6 string) at 4.8kg / 10.6lbs
      16.5mm string spacing at the bridge, and 44mm from the centre of the B to centre of the C at the nut. Neck width is 53mm at the nut.
      Now looking for ~£650. I might consider trades + cash for something cheaper too if it helps
      I'm based in Cambridge - collection would be ideal, but I don't mind driving a bit (~50 mile radius maybe?).
      Any questions let me know, cheers

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