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SOLD: Sandberg custom Ken Taylor/Neil Murray bass 4 string Demeter EQ £670
NW London

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Sandberg Custom Ken Taylor


Bought from Neil Murray on this forum as a bass to get back into playing with.  Its genuinely excellent but I am moving to a P bass as it will suit my current bands more and it is the sound I hear in my head for bass lines.

Currently strung with EB Cobalts and it sounds brilliant. Would like get back what I paid for it at 795. Not interested in trades as I have my eye on a bass already. Would cost considerably more to get one specced this well from Sandberg. 

Details taken from Neil's thread here >>> Previous Sale

"I had this built to my specifications, from the choices on the Sandberg website. Home use only. There are plenty of small dings and marks, which is Sandberg’s interpretation of ’soft aged finish’, which wasn’t what I was expecting - I would preferred either more obvious relicing or a perfect finish.

Of course a great sounding bass, enhanced by the high-quality Demeter preamp.

Basic Ken Taylor model

Body: European ash (I think)

Top: Imbuia with matched headstock

Soft aged finish

Rosewood neck

2 Sandberg powerhumbuckers, black metal covers, split coil on bridge pickup

Electronics: Demeter BEQP-1 Bass EQ Preamplifier - active balance control which mixes two pickups and provides active equalisation for treble, middle and bass. The treble and bass are both shelving controls with 14dB of boost and cut @ 6dB per octave. The middle control is a peak control with plus and minus 12dB of cut and boost @ 6dB per octave.

Black hardware with Hipshot Bass Xtender on E machine head 

Abalone front face dots

Sandberg gig bag"




close front.jpg



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Ooohh that's nice especially at that price and having the Neil Murray connection.

If only i wasn't looking for a P bass too.



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I see it has FT in the sales thread, what trades are you looking at?

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Apologies. Forgot to remove the the FT. Happy with my gear now so I guess the only trade would be for money 😛

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    • By Schwartz
      Picked this up locally, gentlemen said he got it from this very forum, excellent sounding bass
      The bass itself is listed on Andre's website with a rosewood fretboard, yet this one is maple. So it's certainly not standard.
      It also has a hipshot fitted to the E string.
      Bass requires some work to make it perfect, which I'm not the right guy for, as such I've decided to knock some money off.
      Has an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp fitted which is a positive, I'd question the way it's been hooked up as one of the switches doesn't alter the sound at all. Otherwise really powerful.
      There is a hole in the body where someone looks to have tried to change a pickup.
      Bass comes with a Music Man hardcase.
      If you would like to arrange a play or need to ask any questions, I'm happy to oblige. Thank you for your interest.

    • By will4bass
      Selling this one is a tough decision really, in fact I would never have expected selling it, but times are changing for me and I am thinning the herd which leads to selling great basses that happen to be in the same sonic area as others I have. 
      Up for sale is my fat, funky, Fender-ish Fodera VW Deluxe Custom 5 built in 2004.
      35” (easy to play: no additional stretching compared to most 34” basses)
      Madascar Kingwood board
      Dove-tail maple neck
      Tiger maple front
      Mahogany body (I think) 
      4,5 kgs
      Seymour Duncan dual coils
      Dual action truss rod
      Some playing wear but overall in very good condition and technically 100%. Very solid bass, (low) action, string spacing (+/- 19mm) and neck curve anyway you like it.
      Comes with original hard shell case

    • By [email protected]
      I bought this new last year. It's only been used a handful of times because I'm playing bass a lot less now. Beautiful natural finish and solid tone with a nice bit of growl typical of Lakland basses. 
      Collection is preferred, but I can ship at extra cost.
      Feel free to message me with any questions. See below for the official blurb.
      The 44-64 is modelled after the venerable workhorse '64 P bass. One custom-wound Lakland pickup provides a bruising punch and drive that nails the vintage split humbucker tone, sending it through the roof with full voicing and modern energy. The body and 34" scale maple neck have an excellent balance.
      Nut Width: 1.5" Nut Type: Delrin Fret Size: .041/.085" Width at Final Fret: 2.48" 1st Fret Neck Depth: .76" 12th Fret Neck Depth: .94" Fingerboard Radius: 10" Scale Length: 34" Frets: 20 Bridge String Spacing: .78" Neck Wood: Flat-Sawn Rock Maple Body wood: Ash Fingerboard: Fretted Maple Tuners: Hipshot Lisc. Ultra-Lite's Truss Rod Access: Neck Heel: 4mm Hex Pickguard: Black Controls: Volume/Tone Bridge: Lakland Dual Access  

    • By LouieM
      Hello everyone  
      As you can see in the title i was wondering if anyone has built a clone of Cliff Burton's famous Rickenbacker. I was wondering if this would be a good idea if i start with a cheap copy.
      Thank you for reading  
    • By sprocketflup
      Now sold.
      My herd thinning continues with this, a Yamaha RBX374.
      This is a really nice bass, in very, very good condition, plays well and has a monster sound. The two MM style pickups give access to a very large palette of tones, very impressive. Usually is with Yamaha instruments though I find.
      The pics speak for themselves.
      I'm based near Honiton if anyone wants to come have a noodle, and would prefer the bass be collected. I'm not averse to posting if need be though. Alternatively, I'm  on the road a fair bit with my band, and could bring this along to a gig should we be playing near you. Dates and venues here - http://cloudbusting.co.uk/dates

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