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  1. Bought early this year from Andyonbass via this forum (https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/392455-2-x-tks-112-cabs-provisionally-sold/). 2x Tweed covered TKS112. Non tweeter version. £550 for the pair. Would prefer collection as I don't have packaging for these. Wonderful sounding cabs and they remain immaculate having only used one of them and they have stayed in my study/music room. Come with Roqsolid covers and there are no scratches or tears in the tweed. Pictures stolen from andyonbass: Here's the blurb from TKS Engineering......... S112 [S-1-12] Weighing only 10 kg and being only 33 cm deep, the S112 is the most portable cabinet in the model range. Many owners have two of them, using only one on small gigs and both on larger gigs and other situations that require more volume. The tone is very close to the S212, however, two S112:s have slightly less low end than a S212. Despite being the model with the lest amount of low end, most bass players who try the S112 are amazed by how much low end such a small and light cabinet can produce. For all users with "micro amplifiers", a popular choice is to order the S112 in vertical configuration - that way the S112 takes up only 36x33 cm on a stage, and moves the handle out of the way for small amplifiers with low feet. See more under custom design options. Specifications Impedance: 8 Ω Power handling (high average power test signal): 250 W RMS Recommended amplifier power: 150-300 W RMS @ 8 Ω Sensitivity[average]: 99 dB SPL @ 1W/1m Sensitivity[100Hz]: 98 dB SPL @ 1W/1m Sensitivity[max]: 103 dB SPL @ 1,5 kHz, 1W/1m Frequency response (-10db): 46 Hz - 4,8 kHz Displacement: 258 cm³ Measurements (WxHxD): 52x38x33 cm Weight: 10 kg
  2. Selling my Pedalboard and pedals: (preferably as a whole but will split if no interest) Velcro on bottom of all pedals. I am pretty sure I have boxes for all of these but will be safely wrapped. £525 for everything or individual prices below. Not interested in trades. Pedaltrain Nano+ w/ Volto 3 (£80) - Bought from new. Perfect condition. Polytune Mini 3 (£40) - Bought from new. Perfect condition. SOLD *** Cali76 CB - Bought from new. Perfect condition. Darkglass Vintage Microtubes (£100) - Bought from here so used but good condition SOLD *** DSM Omnicabsim - Bought from here so used but good condition
  3. Apologies. Forgot to remove the the FT. Happy with my gear now so I guess the only trade would be for money 😛
  4. @MikanHannille bought my TecAmp Puma head. Quick payment and great communication. Excellent buyer and would happily deal with them again.
  5. Looks like a great bass. You have done aan awesome job fixing it up.
  6. TecAmp Puma 500. NOW SOLD Tiny, lightweight amp in good condition. Really easy to get a great hi-fi tone and the taste knob is also really useful. Selling as I have bought a HB R400 so now surplus to requirements. Comes with gig bag. £280 including shipping.
  7. Thats fair enough. I'm not much of an EQ tweaker at the best of times so between the bright switch, contour knob and the tone knob on my basses there aren't really many other sounds I need.
  8. Mine has also arrived and it is outstanding! Surprised how versatile the EQ is with so few knobs (apart from one operating it!).
  9. Packed and on its way... There are many like it, but this one is mine 😛
  10. Items for sale section. Keep scrolling down and there is a wanted forum there.
  11. @dudewheresmybass Yes thank you. I really like it, although I've just bought a Handbox R400 so got more tubey goodness coming soon!
  12. In all honesty I haven't used it much yet but the settings sound good and has been quite fun to use. I'll message when I've had more chance to play with it.
  13. Bit the bullet and ordered an R400 after reading the reviews and watching wateroftyne's videos on YouTube. Shipping on Tuesday so looking forward to it getting here. Have to say Leszek's communication is excellent. Replied within 30 minutes on Facebook to my questions and had bought one shortly after that. Will post a pic when it arrives... Bizarrely I seem to have ended up with a near identical rig to @wateroftyne as well, although not intentionally... HB R400 into 2x TKS 112!
  14. Pedaltrain Nano+ powered by a Volto 3. Polytune Mini 3 > Cali76 CB > Darkglass Vintage Microtubes > DSM Omnicabsim acting as a DI/Headphone Amp
  15. Bought a pedal from him. Excellent communication and arrived very well packed. Thank you for an easy transaction.
  16. Darren purchased my Xotic XJ-1T. Great communication, fast payment and he even drove to collect the same day. Thank you for a really easy transaction!
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  18. NBD! American Original 50s Precision
  19. I bought this bass about 3 weeks ago on here from kevsy71 and it is really is excellent; however, I recently received some inheritance money. I have promised my wife a 1 in, 1 out rule on my basses and have my eye on something vintage so sadly this has to go. Versatile EQ and incredibly easy to play. Was bought as my first 5 string and with 19mm spacing it was an easy switch. If the bass I am after sells then I will probably withdraw this sale. £1300 including shipping to the UK (comes in an old Cort hardcase which will be very well packed) Ad details stolen from previous sale here: Specs Weight: 4.7 kg Scale: 34" Nut: 47mm String spacing: 19mm, adjustable Xotic A-type bridge 22 frets with luminlay fret markets - activate with a torch or other light source, and they glow on a dark stage. Controls: Chrome pots: Volume - Blend - Passive tone Black pots: Active bass/mid/treble Switches for mid and treble centre frequencies Push/Pull Volume for active/passive Push/pull passive tone for Hum Reduction Inducter (a $150 add-on option which works brilliantly!) For other details see here: http://xotic.jp/instruments/basses/xj-series/index_e.html (this explains the bass was designed in California, built in Japan, and finished in California!) "The production of each high quality Xotic bass guitars begins in our Los Angeles, CA shop where the wood, shape, color, hardware, pickups and all other features are precisely designed for each instrument. Every model goes through an extensive process of R&D to determine which wood, construction and electronics will best serve its envisioned use. These exact specifications are then sent to T’s Guitars in Japan. T’s Guitars has an enduring reputation of producing exceptional hand quality instruments in Japan and Xotic has a long and ongoing relationship with them. Great attention is paid to picking the finest woods for our bodies and necks and each piece is hand selected. Seasoned builders blend old world craftsmanship with modern CNC technology in building each instrument with each step in the process supervised up to Xotic’s meticulous specs. Guitars are then shipped to our California shop where our Master Luthier will inspect each instrument. Fretwork is finalized with a fret dress that addresses every facet of the fret surface. Additional setup includes string height, truss rod adjustments and fine-tuning of pickups and electronics. Particular attention is giving to the instruments playability, tone, fit and finish." Also see the spec sheet in the photos. Cosmetics: Excellent condition, I can't find any body marks that would show up on a photo. A few minor scuffs and dings on the headstock.
  20. This. Especially for your first bass so you can get used to the different tones and more importantly neck profiles/weight! If you don't enjoy playing it and find it uncomfortable you are less likely to stick with it. Even if you go there to try things out then buy used from here it would help you immensely.
  21. Bought a pedal from AxelF. Well packaged and arrived quickly. Thank you for an easy transaction.
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