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Darkglass M900 W/ Footswitch £510. Now £500. Now sold

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Hello all, big changes a foot so I'm letting lots of gear go. Up here is a Darkglass M900. Brilliant amp with great sound clear section, and of course the great overdrive channels, which can save you a few quid on the pedals! 

A few of these on the market, so not sure how quick this will go. Selling it at the bargain price I bought it on here for, let me know if you have any questions. 

Pictures will be uploaded when I'm home from work!

Based in Bristol, and happy to ship, Comes with Original box, manuals and footswitch.




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This is a good price for a great bit of kit.  Would have been very tempted if I hadn't just changed my entire rig a few months ago.  Have a bump from me. 

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