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Ibanez SR305E 5-String, As New Condition (**SOLD**)

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This is 6 months old, I bought it as an introduction to the 5-string bass, but towards the end of the year some additional "work" money came my way & I bought a "5-String" Dingwall with it, so with that being said, I quite simply do not require this one any more.

It is genuinely mint, except its been set up properly "by me" and I gave the fingerboard a nice drink of lemon oil. Its not the lightest of SR's but that was good for me because it balances perfectly, it has a real zero% neck dive. I have checked it over again and I cannot even seen a mark on it, not surprising as its never been out the house and I have OCD about looking after my gear.

The neck is quite slim and the string spacing is 16.5 mm at the bridge so its not too wide, the 3 way pickup selector & active eq allows for quite a few alternative sounds but I'm sure its crying out for some better strings, I just never got round to it.  NB. It's also got a bridge that has saddles with 2 adjustment screws so they won't suffer fatigue like the single screw ones can.

Its not got a case but I do have the "box in a box" packaging so I can courier it but I don't wish to be responsible for any damage that could happen.  I will insure it but I would rather it be collected or I'm prepared to travel a certain way also.

The specs are freely available but IMHO its rather solid, well made and from good materials, especially considering its a £300 bass, so for £200 its a real deal.

Basic Specs are - Metallic Sage Green, Maple & Walnut Neck (5pc),  Jatoba Fingerboard,  Nyatoh Body.

Sorry, I'm not taking offers or need more basses.















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Price dop due to ensure this one is £50 less than a shop bought one.

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