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Now Sold ****************Fender 50’s P Bass, Mexican Classic Series. Pice Drop £540
East Sussex

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Fantastic Fender Precision 50’s, This is a Mexican Classic Series, now discontinued, it’s in excellent condition, Has had a pro set up, plays like butter with a low action & sounds superb. Previous owner fitted a bridge cover so there were 2 small screw holes , I had them filled & touched in with lacquer so they are barely noticeable, you can just see in the 2nd pic,  apart from that the bass is in mint unused condition, Comes fitted with Ernie ball flats & a fender gig bag. 










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ended up with a white blonde one of these years ago when I wanted a sunburst...

that’s lovely and I want it.

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Ha ha , it’s a lovely bass , feather weight , balances great on the strap , sounds & feels superb. I just cannot keep it as I have too many 😎

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No problem with posting this for the postage costs , usually around the 30-30£ figure, I do have a bass cardboard box that I can send it in with the gig bag packed in bubble wrap👍

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I’m hoping my fender sells, and my car bill isn’t as shocking as expected...how unlikely is all of that...

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      Some Tim's sign , using at home to record
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      Here we have my trusted USA made 2x10 Ampeg cab, 8 Ohm and 250/500 Watts . I used to use this with another Ampeg 2x10 (but moved that one on some years ago), and have since only used this one for home practice - low volume. You can see from the pictures it is in wonderful condition, original speakers, good working castors complete with cover. I have shown a picture of the inside of the grill as they were known for the wood frame splitting at the bottom (not the case here). The vertical and horizontal white lines on the frame are 'just lines' and not anything else... Collection only from Southbourne (near Emsworth, just east of Portsmouth on the South Coast). - come down and make a day of it- i'll take you round the Emwortth foreshore and have a coffee - FREE of charge 

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      Musicman Stingray Classic 4 string for sale.  Price:  £1,350 including insured UK mainland shipping.  I'm not interested in trades thanks.
      The price includes a Musicman Stingray hard case, a set of Schaller strap locks and a couple of spare pick-guards.  It was manufactured in 2010 and has a few minor dings from normal wear and tear but nothing major.  Additional pics can be supplied on request.
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      Called into Wunjo’s today
      tried a few precision’s in the following order and after a very quick and abc unscientific test through the same amp/speaker came to following first impressions:
      a Fender vintera: meh OK but felt a bit cheap and copy’ish for a 700quid plus bass. Anodised pickguard would be off to eBay too.Very disappointing.
      b Fender American Pro maple fretboard: Lovely. sounds and plays just as I expect a P to be, nice finishing on the neck frets etc. But £1475!!!
      c Fender Player series Mexican Rosewood fretboard: really good not quite as full on as the US pro but still a very good P bass. Frets could do with a tidy in the edges and maybe upgrade some electrics and possibly hardware but nice neck and finish like the US.
      For 600 quid I probably would if I had the dosh and it’s  almost half the price of a US one. I really liked it. Surprised and impressed.
      The chap in Wunjos was great, very helpful and would have been happy to do me nice deal on this as it was a quiet and very wet day.
      Only downer was that some s**tbag nicked my mates umbrella which he left by the door. Probably a guitard as I can’t insgine a fellow bassist would stoop so low.
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