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EBS HD350 (with price drop and amp bag)

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Up for sale, is my super funky EBS HD350. As used by Marcus Miller, Tal Wilkenfeld. Fantastic sounding amp, with loads of features and all the power you need(proper amp no class D wimpyness 😉😂) with a very musical overdrive and one of the best compressors in the business included! Quite simply  everything you need. Beefy rock tones and super clean zingy slap all available by adjusting the drive/comp and bright settings

In good condition, and works perfectly I'm wanting a firm £335 including UK only delivery (NOTE- I will include a quality gear 4 music padded mixer bag which this amp fits perfectly). Will knock £20 off, if your willing to collect from Morecambe.

Also for sale is my Bergantino AE 210, really not sure about this as it's been one of my fave cabs,but I've a chance to get the 410 version and who doesn't want more speakers 😁

it's a very compact and very light 2x10 Neo cab which has a lot of bottom end for its size and fits very snugly onto the smallest stages. I've used this on pit gigs/large tours and function gigs and it's always sound warm and clean. It also comes with the optional extra cover (because you really need to spend an extea £60 to protect your expensive boutique cab 😂)which while a little tatty as it's been busy works as it should. Few tiny little bits of tolex missing on the bottom,otherwise in great condition.

don't really want to post this one,so collection from Morecambe is needed! Wanting - Withdrawn!!

cheers for looking 😁











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On 14/08/2019 at 18:37, Rblake80 said:

Bump for a great person to deal with... buy with confidence people!


And if mine is anything to go by, that Berg cab is likely to be pretty tasty too!

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Bergantino withdrawn for the time being! Pric3 drop on the HD350! £335 delivered and now with an included amp bag! Can't say fairer than that for a very high quality swedish made pro amplifier 😁

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