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NBD Manton Paradigm medium scale

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My new custom made medium scale 4 string P type bass. Built by Robin Manton of http://mantoncustoms.co.uk with a 1 piece ash body, maple neck, hipshot tuners, gotoh bridge, cts pots. The pickups is hand wound by http://www.catswhiskerpickups.co.uk who I also can't recommend highly enough. The build quality is impeccable and the 6 bolt neck, solid bridge, great wood, gives it fabulous sustain and combined with the pickup, great tone.

2 companies I highly recommend for excellent work at very reasonable prices.


Manton Customs Paradigm Medium Scale P Bass Ash  (1).JPG

Manton Customs Paradigm Medium Scale P Bass Ash  (6).JPG

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42mm if I remember correctly. And quite shallow front to back. It is exactly what I specified, he builds very few stock instruments they are nearly all custom built to whatever the buyer wants.

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Ok thanks. Very tempting, perfect size and shape for me, and the prices look ok too. How’s the action? Can you get it down fairly low?

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I picked it up with the action plenty low enough for me, with no fret buzz, every one nicely level and ends rounded over. It is brand new but felt like an old friend from the start. I imagine the action could go lower if required.

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Very cool indeed. Looks great. Really nice balance between ‘special’ and ‘standard’ if you get what I mean. 

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    • By DWeekes90
      After much consideration I have decided to part ways with my trusty Sei Jazz 5. I bought this bass from the Bass Gallery in early 2010. It was my no. 1 bass up until I received my Overwater in 2018. I've used this bass extensively in musical theatre, cruise ships, hotel residencies and all the usual function/wedding gigs. It is an instrument of serious quality as anyone who knows Martin Petersen's basses will tell you. As in recent years this bass has become a backup to my main instrument, I feel like it deserves to be played much more frequently by someone else. It's too nice a bass to sit around in a case!
      I've upgraded the bass several times in the years I've owned it including new Bartolini jazz bass pickups and a fantastic John East Uni-Pre active/passive circuit. 
      From what I could find out after I bought it, the bass was built around 2001 so, as you might expect from a bass that age used by a working musician there is some tarnishing to the machine heads and bridge. There is also some discolouration to the side of the maple neck. These small defects are of course completely cosmetic.
      I'm sad to be selling this bass as it holds a lot of sentimental value to me as my main bass when I first started my career as a bassist. I hope whoever buys it will enjoy it as much as I have!
      Body - Swamp Ash
      Neck - Birdseye Maple
      Fretboard - Birdseye Maple
      Topwood - Amboyna (stunning)
      Pickups - Bartolini ' Bright' Jazz 5
      Bridge - ABM (fully adjustable)
      String spacing - adjustable but roughly 18mm
      Scale length - 34 inches
      Preamp - John East Uni-Pre (active/passive)
      Strings - D'Addario XL (brand new set)
      Neck LED system (blue)
      Collection preferred from Tenterden, Kent but I'm often up in London so happy to make that trip. I can't afford to lose a hardcase so no postage unfortunately.

    • By tomika
      Hi Guys!
      Here's my Custom Fodera Emperor 5 strings Fretless for Sale or Trade.
      Myrtle Flame topwood. Alder Body. Seymours and Pope preamp. Born in December 2016.
      Selected Myrtle Top.
      Purplehart position lines.
      Thin and fast neck.
      MOP dots with Tulips at 12th and 24th frets.
      The Bridge Pickup interior Coil is 60's position.
      3 Way Switch to toggle between outside single, inside single, and dual coil modes.
      The instrument in very good condition! I used few gigs only. A little bump on the lower part, see picture.
      With Fodera Hard Case.
      This beauty in Budapest.
      If you have any Question, please write me!
      Cheers! Tamas
      Trade: 72 Fender Jazz, Lakland USA 5 strings, Alembic... plus money... 8-)





    • By mrbassman_de
      Selling my like "new" Pino Precision. Buy date April 2017.

      Top c ondition - besides the Relic ! Comes with Thomastik Flats and sounds amazing !
      With case and candy and original invoice. Certificate is lost 😞

      ON HOLD.

    • By TRBboy
      Hi folks! 
      This bass is just incredible, probably my favourite ever, but I've had a bit of a change of direction and it needs a new home. 
      This was my second sandberg custom build, built around 2013/14. It's very lightweight and ergonomic, very balanced tonally, versatile, and features that incredible sandberg neck feel! I upgraded to a swamp ash body which not only looks stunning (pics don't do it justice!), but it's incredibly lightweight at around 3.7kg, and it works exceptionally tone - wise with the maple fretboard. I also upgraded to a 3 band eq (these models normally come with 2 band). The natural headstock was also an upgrade, as these would come with a black one as standard. It is actually a veneer with a black accent layer in between. 
      Specs :
      Swamp ash body with matt cherry sunburst finish 
      Maple neck and fretboard
      Natural headstock
      Black hardware
      2x dual coil soapbars
      3 band Glockenklang eq with true passive bypass and passive tone control
      Comes with original sandberg gigbag
      There are a couple of very minor dings in the body, I can attempt to photograph these if you like. 
      No trades sorry. If you're nearby, you're more than welcome to come and try! 
      Thanks for looking! 😊👍

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