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SOLD Peavey predator USA electric guitar £100

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Another item up for sale as part of my big clearout! It's a peavey predator USA electric guitar. Peavey strat copy. I believe this is a 1994 model. Excellent build quality and seems to play and sound good (I can't play guitar!). It was my dad's and hasn't been used in a few years so would benefit from some fresh strings and a setup to suit taste! Good condition with chips and scratches associated with an older instrument as well as discolouration of the pickguard/pickup covers (looks awesome IMO). I don't have the whammy bar. Slight crackle from pickup selector switch, probably requires abit of electrical cleaner. Viewing welcome, can post at cost. Thanks! 










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Is this still on the go? If so, have a free bump!

If I didn't already have one, I'd be in there myself.. don't be fooled by the label, as these are seriously undersung heroes of the guitar world. That's a seriously bargainful price - folks pay that for a used Chinese Squier.

I fiddled with the pickups on mine, to go from bar magnets to pole; here's a demo of before and after:


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