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Pea Turgh

Cajon kit - how do I get more snare?

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Hello chums.

I bought a Meinl cajon kit.  Ok so far.  Built it. Not bad.  Played it.  Sounds like a box.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of snare snap.  Anyone familiar with these instruments able to offer any suggestions on improving the snare snap?

Thank you in advance.

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My Thomann Millennium cajon (not a kit) uses four lengths of copper wire as the snare, with the two in the middle being 'modified' by a simple piece of self-adhesive velcro tape. The hook-tape is stuck to the inside front panel, and the loop-tape is then velcro'd to that whilst also damping the two central wires.

You can get more/less snare sound by adjusting the arrangement.


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