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  1. I've changed my JMB username which has caused confusion...
  2. I put a post on JMB in December 2018. Had a reply today!! Playing cajon and bass with an Americana/soul covers band. J J Cale, Black Crowes etc. Right up my street. But.....I'm due to move out of the area in 3 months time and wouldn't want to commit to a band and then announce I'm leaving. Bugger.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Out of curiosity and devilment, I've sent the guy a message asking; "Why no women in the band?" I don't expect to get a reply.
  5. Here's the guts of the Bandmix profile: INFLUENCES All rock and I mean all influences from the 60's onwards. I do like most genres but would like to do original stuff that is influenced by the last 3 decades.I have played all the typical club and pub stuff. Everyone does the same old crap. I'm looking for musicians that just want to escape into oblivion. Use your knowledge and influences and make something else. MEMBERS OF BAND At present its just me - guitarist, songwriter, singer,bit of keyboards and drums. Looking for anyone who wants to shake off the cobwebs. Ideally i'm looking for musicians who can play and do vocals as well. Don't call me if all you've played in C&W. Don't call me if all you want to do is play your instrument and look at your foot pedals it's boring!! No women in the band.
  6. Bandmix sent me the usual summary of bands looking for bassists in my area. One caught my eye - my sort of music, my sort of age range. I was going to contact them, until I got to the final sentence; "No women in the band". I'd be interested in what everybody else thinks about this. It's an instant rejection by me.
  7. My first ever Stingray. I bought it a few weeks ago, but I just can't get on with the Stingray tone, unfortunately. Made in Indonesia, it's a lovely bass that compares very favourably to a full-fat USA Stingray, by all accounts. Really easy to play, with straight-forward passive electronics. Mahogany body, Rosewood fingerboard, Parchment pickguard - all completely stock and unaltered. For those who haven't come across these before, here's what Music Man Say About the Sterling Stingray Short Scale bass, slightly edited for grammar and gush... "The Sterling by Music Man Short Scale StingRay bass has the iconic StingRay sound shrunk into a 30” scale length package. With easier accessibility, a passive boost, and a single humbucking pickup with higher output neodymium magnets, the Short Scale StingRay offers comfort without compromise. The pickup configuration includes parallel, true single-coil, and series modes for diverse tonal options." Weight on kitchen scales is 3.8 Kgs. ID number on neckplate is SR 43590. I'm the second owner. The first owner has given me the original receipt for £699 from Bassdirect, dated 12th October 2020. The bass has hardly been played. I'm struggling to find any marks on it anywhere. All controls work absolutely perfectly. Currently strung with old Status halfwounds. Comes with: new strings, original QA hang tag, original neck and saddle adjusting allen keys, Musicman catalogue, and a really well-padded "Sterling by Musicman" branded gig bag, itself worth £35. Any inspection and any trial welcomed. My photos aren't the best, so just let me know if any extra shots are needed - not a problem.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Set up has been an ongoing process with mine. I was getting fret buzz at the body end of the neck. Lifting the saddles meant the strings were too far from the fretboard in the main playing area. I gradually straightened the neck and lifted the saddles. Because I use full floating thumb, I'm often resting the side of my thumb on the E,A and D strings, which tends to push them downwards towards the body-end frets, and the pickups. That's why I tend to end up with a pretty straight neck and high-ish saddles. Also, for me, 45 - 105 gauge strings helped. The D'Addario black nylons that work so well on my Lakland hollowbody are too stretchy on the Fallout. Status half-wounds work well for me on the G&L.
  10. I like flats or halves on my basses. I've been trying different strings on my Fallout Tribute. Best so far seem to be Labella black tapewounds, followed by Status halves. What do you have on yours, please? Any intonation issues?
  11. I have a G&L Fallout Tribute. It has a belly contour and a pretty deep forearm contour. I'm in Stockport of you'd like to try it.
  12. Having seen others' suggestions for the bassline, I've listened to the track again, and realised just how wrong my tab was. I'd not appreciated that the same run-up on the E string repeats throughout the song. So, I've re-jigged my suggested bass tab. I normally try to avoid open strings, but you could play the A on the open string as opposed to 5th fret on E string. This might make the fingering a little easier: First finger on F, then quickly slide the first finger up to F#, then second or third finger on G, then open string A, allowing for a little time to get your little finger up to 5th fret on A string. Or not. Whatever suits you, of course. I'll shut up now. Hope everybody has a happy, restful and safe Christmas. Steve Intro |-------------------| |-------------------| |-55---------------| X 4 |----------1-2-3-5-| Verse "After Midnight..." |-------------------|------------------|------------------|--------------------| |-------------------|-33-------55--5-|------------------|--------------------| |-55---------------|-------3----------|-55--------------|-55----------------| X 2 |----------1-2-3-5-|------------------|---------1-2-3-5-|-----------1-2-3-5-| "We're gonna cause.." |-------------------|------------------|-----------------|-------------5-7--| |-------------------|-33--------------|-55-------------|--7--------7-------| |-55---------------|------------------|-----------------|-------------------| X 1 |----------1-2-3-5-|---------1-2-3-5-|--------1-2-3-5-|-------------------| "After Midnight..." |-------------------|------------------|------------------|--------------------| |-------------------|-33-------55--5-|------------------|--------------------| |-55---------------|-------3----------|-55--------------|-55----------------| X 1 |----------1-2-3-5-|------------------|---------1-2-3-5-|-----------1-2-3-5-| Then repeat the whole lot twice. The last time, the first 8 bars of the "Verse" are the guitar solo.
  13. Me too. I bought Naturally way back in the late 1970's, and it may well be my most-played album. After Midnight has an immediately identifiable bassline that, to me, underpins the whole song. Recently, I got the chance to become involved in a start-up band playing cool, wine/coffee/beach bar vibes. J J Cale immediately came to my mind. We've rehearsed After Midnight, but we haven't gigged it yet. My attempt at writing out a bass tab really helped me to get inside the song. I've really appreciated reading through others' comments about the bassline and I now realise that what I heard and what I play isn't correct. But, it fits, and it works. So, that's good enough for me. We're also rehearsing Don't go to Strangers, and I'm using a bassline that I adapted from something I found on the net. If anybody wants to have a look at it (and I'd welcome constructive feedback), just let me know. Steve
  14. Folks, I had a go at this tab. This is what I came up with, but It's a long way from the tabs I subsequently found online. Mine seems to fit reasonably well, but I'm certain it's far from the original. When you've stopped laughing, let me know how it sounds to you. I've written the tab in a way that makes sense to me, and that's not really how the online tabs look. Which merely adds to the confusion... Intro |-------------------| |-------------------| |-55-------------3-| X 4 |---------3-4-5----| Verse "After Midnight..." |-------------------|------------------|------------------|--------------------| |-------------------|-33-------55--5-|------------------|--------------------| |-55------------3--|-------3----------|-55------------3-|-55-------------3-| X 2 |--------3-4-5-----|------------------|--------3-4-5----|----------3-4-5---| "We're gonna cause.." |-------------------|------------------|-----------------|--------------5-7--| |-------------------|-33------------3-|-55-----------5-|-77--------7-------| |-55------------3--|--------3-4-5----|--------5-6-7---|--------------------| X 1 |--------3-4-5-----|------------------|-----------------|--------------------| "After Midnight..." |-------------------|------------------|------------------|--------------------| |-------------------|-33-------55--5-|------------------|--------------------| |-55------------3--|------3-----------|-55------------3-|-55-------------3-| X 1 |--------3-4-5-----|------------------|--------3-4-5----|----------3-4-5---| Then repeat the whole lot twice. The last time, the first 8 bars of the "Verse" are the guitar solo.
  15. Looking for ideas for a half-decent, busking combo to amplify my cajon when busking. 20w to 30w should suffice, with 4 inputs to accommodate; acoustic guitar, two vocal mics, and my cajon mic. All recommendations gratefully received.
  16. Do these belong here? https://www.facebook.com/rachel.m.lasham/videos/1569887960027440 https://www.facebook.com/rachel.m.lasham/videos/575375983610112
  17. Blast! Because of my hulking great paws, I can only play P-width necks.
  18. What's the nut width, please?
  19. How about this? Does this count as Soul, Funk, Groove? Not sure.... 😁
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