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!!! SOLD !!! YAMAHA BB2025X with its original case (March 2010) !
Etalle, Belgium

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Thinning down the herd, so selling my fretted basses as I don't use them...  :crazy:




YAMAHA BB2025X with its original case (March 2010) !


Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £1250 GBP (£2987 GBP when new) !!!


In fully working condition and very good condition.


Here are the specifications :

Body : 3 pieces alder with spline joint

Neck : 5 pieces (bolt-on) maple and mahogany

Fingerboard : rosewood with mother-of-pearl inlays

Frets : 21 nickel silver (no marks)

Headstock : 4 + 1 shape

Pickups : Yamaha bar single coil ceramic bridge pickup + Yamaha split bar single coil alnico V neck pickup (PJ configuration)

Preamp : passive

Controls : volume, tone, 3-position toggle switch

Tuners : Gotoh GB1

Bridge : Yamaha vintage plus (brass saddles, steel plate) WITH 45° through body strings fitting

Strings spacing at bridge : 18 mm

Nut : nick silver like the frets

Strings spacing at nut : 9 mm

Knobs : metal

Scale : 34"

Hardware colour : chrome

Finish : black gloss polyurethane on the body + natural satin polyurethane on the neck

Land of craftsmanship : Japan

Serial number : HQJ041E (March 2010)

Weight : 4,6 kilos

Action : from 1,5 mm under the G string to 2 mm under the B string at 12th fret


Will come with its original Yamaha hard shell case.

Non-smoking environment as usual.


This bass is certainly the best passive P/J 5 strings on the market that has impressed Ed FRIEDLAND himself. It has also lots of technical state of the art specifications and some patents. It is the best bass ever made by Yamaha. It has a really killer B string. The condition is very good with the usual surface scratches on the front and the usual stupid belt marks on the back.


The bass has been fully set up professionally. It has been fitted with a brand new set of D'Addario EXL170 nickel wound strings (45-130), just like Yamaha used to fit on these.


Link to Yamaha BB series : https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/el_basses/bb/index.html

Link to the amazed Ed FRIEDLAND video where you'll find all explanations needed : 

What you see is what you get !

Look at the pictures to see the real condition : some scratches and a few marks, but nothing serious at all.

Don't hesitate to ask for more.

Dust is offered. :biggrin:











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Ooh, an X. Nice bass mate.

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Hurry up before May day or you'll have to pay 30% more !

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Posted (edited)

Why? Stop it! Please! Someone buy this now or the bank account gets it.......

Always wanted one of these but the Vigier won out. I still want one though and was hoping no one would sell one. What a beauty. GLWTS 😳🥴

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Thanks mate, but who needs money onto a bank account. Put your money offshore onto mine. 😉

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    • By Thunderpaws
      Geddy Lee too. Saw this for sale pre-owned and thought I’d take the plunge with the money I’d been saving for a telecaster. Didn’t get the chance to try it before buying so a bit of a whim. 
      I have hands on the big side, so was a bit wary of Jazz basses int be past. This doesn’t seem as narrow at the nut as some I’ve tried. Seems fairly comfy and is noticeably thinner front to back than my American Special Precision. The neck on the Precision is amazing and this Geddy is a different kind of amazing. 
      Action is a tad high so I’ll tighten the truss rod a quarter turn when I put new strings on it later. Truss rod adjustment is hidden with the neck on. 
      Condition wise, this bass seems as good as new to me so I feel I’ve really scored. Anyhow, no pictures and all that, so here we go....can someone in the know date it for me with the serial number there....  

    • By patpatel
      I'm selling this
      ATELIER Z  DAL-5
      Chambered alder body with ash top
      A few scratches and dents on the back (see pics) but in great condition, comes with a padded gig bag 
      Sounds amazing, can do the Miller-thing but is very versatile.
      Action is low and it plays great.
      Really fantastic bass, I'm only selling because I've got another one of these, which is my main instrument
      Not  looking for trades
      £ 1290/€1400
      More pics via email
      DAL-5 SPECS
      Neck: 34", Maple 21F
      Body: Ash Top /
      Alder Back Chamber
      Tuners: GOTOH GB-30
      Bridge: GOTOH205B-5/18P
      Pickups: ATELIER Z JBZ-5
      Preamp: ATELIER Z EQ/M
      4,45 kg
      nut width is 47mm
      string spacing at the bridge is 18mm

    • By jay-syncro
      Selling this lovely bass as I have too many (again). 
      It's an MIJ Fujigen Precision, produced by the factory that makes Fenders Japanese instruments. It's made using the same parts/hardware as an MIJ Fender, but has the added bonus (in my oppinion) of a slightly thinner neck and marginally flatter Pauferro finger board. 
      I imported it from Japan via Danny at Bass Japan Direct, here's the link to the original ad, which contains a video demo of the bass.
      Spec  - 
      Alder body
      Maple / walnut neck
      Pauferro fret board
      34" scale
      Standard hardware (gotoh)
      Original pickups
      Light weight at only 4kg 
      I've actually weighed it myself and its more like 3.8kg, which makes long gigs a breeze. 
      It comes with a nice padded gig bag. 

    • By SurroundedByManatees
      Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass
      Nice Japanese Fender Aerodyne. This one is from a limited run, finished in a classy old candy apple red.

      This pretty bass has been used but not abused. The body has fine surface scratching (like from polishing, cant get it pictured) and a few more significant small damages. Nothing serious though. There is some fret wear from use, but it doesnt affect playability. Action can be set fairly low.
      The Aerodyne plays very well, its fast neck feels very comfortable with its vintage style frets. The PJ setup makes it a versatile bass, suitable for most styles. Rotosound 45-105 strings have been installed.
      Although I like this bass, there are other basses I like more.
      No case or bag is included.
      Asking £600 --> £550
      The bass is located in the Netherlands. I'm happy to ship within europe.
    • By silverfoxnik
      Now SOLD - thanks for looking.
      Hi Folks
      For sale only is my 1990-91 MiJ Squier Precision Bass, which comes with a tatty, but functional hard Fender case. SOLD
      I bought this from PawelG about this time last year and have used it for just a couple of gigs and a few rehearsals in that time.  Here's what he had to say about the bass in his ad, and I hope he won't mind me quoting him because he summed up the bass really well...:
      "So, this Precision is as good as my 1983 JV. The pickups seem a bit ''hotter'', there is A LOT of bottom end and the sound is very woody. Come and hear it for yourself if you can...
      The bass is in great condition, has been used a lot but cared for. Usual marks here and there, nothing major. The frets might need polishing in the near(ish) future. Frets 1 to 7 have marks on them already, the rest is almost perfect. Action is really low and there is no buzz anywhere. Currently strung with flatwound D'Addario Chromes. I tried to picture all the imperfections, please message me if you need any more detail.  Comes with a Fender strap, real celluloid 62PB pickguard and a spare white pickguard. Weight is just under 4kg/8.8lb. Nut width - 40mm. "
      I bought the bass partly to scratch that 'I really must have a P Bass' itch that I get every couple of years, and to be honest, I wasn't disappointed when I got this one; if you're into that Motown thump and James Jamerson tone, then this is perfect for that.  As Pawel said, it's got a great, warm, woody tone, it plays really well, looks very cool with plenty of mojo and is nice and light - perfect for long gigs! And because I've hardly used it in the time I've had it, it's still in exactly the same condition that Pawel described it as being. 
      I'm selling only because I need to find some funds for a new car and if that weren't the case, then I'd be more than happy to keep this because it's really nice P Bass.
      And just to explain why I'm selling when it's such a good bass - It's because I'm primarily using Thunderbird basses in my main gigging band now, and I also have a BC Rich Eagle that gets used a lot (and which I couldn't ever part with), so my gigging needs are well catered for.  Hence this beauty being up for sale!
      In terms of price, I'm looking for £330 (or near offer) for the bass & case, not including any postage costs.
      Viewings are very welcome if you're near enough to me in Littlehampton, West Sussex (tea/coffee/biscuits provided of course), and I'd also be happy to work something out  about travelling if it's within a 50 mile radius.. I'm happy to post (for an additional cost) but there's always a risk with that which I'd prefer not to have to do if possible.
      Anyway, thanks for looking and if you need any more info, please ask away here or PM me. By the way,  I do have a feedback thread too, so please check that out if you don't know me and want to check out my credentials on Basschat..

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