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Ampeg: need help choosing an amp

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Hello everyone! 



I finally decided to play bass again. I've ordered a Fender American Professional Precision Bass (zero cow poop) and now I need an amp.


Since I want to start fresh I also want to try stuff I've never tried before, hence the Ampeg amps. Right now I'm just looking for that warm, vintage and punchy sound. But my time away from this bass world has left me clueless about what to get. Right now I've defined three specific models:


- Ampeg Micro VR bundle

- Ampeg Portaflex series

- Ampeg Ampeg PF-50T or 20


What are the differences between them? This amp will be used mostly at home or studio, so I won't need huge power for gigs, etc.


Any feedback will be welcome! Head+speaker bundle ideas will be helpful too! I just need a small footprint because I don't have that much free space!!!


Thank you!

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I'm selliing a Portaflex PF500 and matching HLE-115 cab.  

Not sure where you are but if you're in the West Country you're welcome to try it out.

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I have the Portaflex PF50T amazing amp brilliant warm tube sounds packs some thump too

Glad I got this over the pf20t. More features that I do use 

Just got a Portaflex 2x10 to go with it 

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Think I can help(ish)

The PF50t has 2 DIs and allows you to record direct to DAW post the power amp stage. Looks great, sounds great. Loud enough for most gigs.

The PF500 is also worth looking at for home practice as it has a headphone input (to stop potential) fights with neighbours. Sounds good too, nice features.

I have both.

Had the micro vr head.  It's ok for practise or as a back up amp.  Don't think it sounds good enough for recording though.  

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