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  1. Hello everyone! I finally decided to play bass again. I've ordered a Fender American Professional Precision Bass (zero cow poop) and now I need an amp. Since I want to start fresh I also want to try stuff I've never tried before, hence the Ampeg amps. Right now I'm just looking for that warm, vintage and punchy sound. But my time away from this bass world has left me clueless about what to get. Right now I've defined three specific models: - Ampeg Micro VR bundle - Ampeg Portaflex series - Ampeg Ampeg PF-50T or 20 What are the differences between them? This amp will be used mostly at home or studio, so I won't need huge power for gigs, etc. Any feedback will be welcome! Head+speaker bundle ideas will be helpful too! I just need a small footprint because I don't have that much free space!!! Thank you!
  2. Everything over 65W is too much... Isn't there a really small combo with really good vintage sound? Dimension-wise the Orange Pix CR25BX is perfect... but how is it soundwise? Another combos I've been reading about is the Markbass Micromark 801. Any good? From this selection - I've excluded some - which one do you think is the best choice? [b]- Orange Crush Pix CR25BX 1x8" 25-watt[/b] [b]- Ampeg BA-110 1x10" 35-watt[/b] [b]- Markbass Micromark 801[/b] [b]- EBS Classic Session 30[/b]
  3. Hello everyone! Size here at home is an issue now with the "new" kid going around learning to walk I'm looking for a really small combo amp for bass. By small, I mean size and power. I believe that [b]35 [/b]to [b]50W [/b]is more than enough. It's for home use only, so I won't need the extra power, yet I don't want to compromise sound quality and depth. This way I rather play in a small combo with the volume up. I've been reading about this and made a small list of combos: [b]- Hartke A35 1x10" 35-watt[/b] [b]- Orange Crush Pix CR25BX 1x8" 25-watt[/b] [b]- Ampeg BA-110 1x10" 35-watt[/b] [b]- Fender Rumble 40 1x10" 40-watt[/b] Are these any good? What other choices would you advise? I'm looking for clean vintage sounding tones, think of Paul Jackson with Herbie Hancock. My bass is a 94' Fender 51' Reissue Precision. I'm open to all ideas except pedals and effects processors...! I just need it to be small and with low power. Money is not an issue here. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the input. I know that is comparing apples to oranges, but if you had the chance to have only one bass what would it be: the Precision or the Stingray? I have way too many instruments right now, and I just want to keep one of each
  5. Hello everyone! I need some input here regarding the P-Bass. One of my favourite bass sounds is from the P-Bass, specially that one from the 60-70s. Old school funk/rock sound, yet I never had a Precision Bass. More stupid, I never played one. I never found a good American P on music store in my city. I have a mid-90s Fender 51 Reissue Precision bass (japanese, slab body, single coil). It sounds pretty good, but how different is it from the more modern Fender Precision basses with split-coils, etc? Since I can't try an American Precision, how un-wise would it be to just order one online? I also have a MusicMan Stingray Classic 2EQ bass. Also with a killer sound. Would I really "need" a Precision, or are we talking about two completely different sounding basses? Regarding the P sounds I dig, think about Paul Jackson (Headhunters days), Paul Simonon, Kool, etc... Thanks!
  6. Yeah, thinkin' about that too. Probably I'll end up buying a Zoom B3 or something like that. I'm just slightly afraid I may end up with a very "digital" sound, but hey... I can't have everything at the same time. I guess
  7. I bet it rocks. But I want to play really low at home, so I don't think a 200W combo will do the trick
  8. Thanks for the input guys! Yeah, Musicman + GK gives a very distinct sound. Imagine "old school Flea". It's just like that with the Stingray growl coming out real sweet. Regarding distortion, actually I always play with the cleanest sound possible. Yep, I'm a weird guy... Some folks in another forum have also advised me to get a multi-effect pedal, in this case the Zoom B3. It's way cheaper than the Sansamp, and even though money is not really an issue here, the guy says the pedals does pretty much what the Sansamp does. I'm finding hard to believe. What do you guys think? Do you think this will do the trick? Sansamp or B3? Or B3 is just not an option? Cheers!
  9. Never used a S[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]ansamp bassdriver DI. Do you think it will do the trick? Bass > Sansamp > Combo!?[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Thanks![/font][/color]
  10. Hello guys! Unfortunately my bass playing is 99% at home. So the amp I have right now is way too powerful for home use. With the amp I'm using I only get the great bass sounds with a fairly high volume, and that is a no-no situation for me right now, so I need to find a new home amp to play. I'm looking for a small combo, to play in low volumes, yet I want a combo with a [u]great[/u] sound. I want to be able to fully explore the Stingrays growl but in low volumes. Is that possible?! What do you guys advise me to get!? My main bass is a Musicman Stingray, and my backup bass is a Fender '51 Precision. I've been using GK amps for a long time, yet I'm willing to try new stuff. I don't use any effects right now. Not even a compressor. Auch... So, to sum up: small combo + low volumes + great sound = what ?! Thank you very much!
  11. Thanks man! I think I'm going to buy myself a Stingray from DV247!
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Hey guys, tell me... what are the differences between these Sterlings by Musicman Stingrays and the MusicMan Stingrays?! I mean, the price of one is the double of the other. But what about sound wise?! Is the SBMM Stingray tone somewhere near the "original" Stingray!? One more thing! What is the best (cheapest) online store to buy these? I mean, the "original" Stingray costs over 1800 euros and these SBMM Stingrays cost over 1000 euros. Way more than a Fender American Precision or Jazz bass here in Portugal. Speak out please! I love Stingrays, but I don't want to spend a bunch of cash on a new one again... Cheers!
  14. Hi guys! I have a bunch of questions regarding basses, yet let me make you a very small introduction. I am a former bassist. I've played for some years and then stopped (time issues). The last time I touched a bass was almost four years ago, so I'm pretty much a newbie right now. This year I decided to play bass again, so I need to start all over again and I need... a bass. When I played bass I had A LOT of them. I've tried and owned so many basses that I can't even remember how many I used to had. Honest. Yet, I've had Warwicks SS1, Fender Jazz Basses, MusicMan Stingray and a Yamaha TRB. I used to spend a lot of money with them, but now everything changed. Now I don't want to spend a lot of money. I am on a budget of lets say... 600-650 UK pounds for the bass. I created a shortlist of basses that I like (sound and look wise), yet I haven't tried all of them. Even though I loved basses like the Jazz Bass and the Streamers, I want something a little bit different (specially on the price). So, the basses I'm thinking of are: - Warwick Corvette Std Bubinga - Fender Precision Bass Classic 50s - Sterling by MusicMan Stingray Yep, totally different basses, but all within the same price range. The fact is, my favorite bass sounds ever are the Warwick SS1/SS2, MusicMan Stingray and older Precision Basses. So yeah, I like something punchy and full! I'll play mostly funk/soul and alternative music, and maybe some jazz. I will use a lot of effects to modulate my sound, something I've never done before... [u]And my questions are:[/u] - Which of these basses do you think it would be the best choice for me!? - What is the difference in sound (and everything else), between the MusicMan Stingray and the Sterling by MusicMan Stingray? Even though the last ones are cheaper, they still cost around 900 euros. - Can the Corvette get a sound closer to the SS1/SS2, or is that impossible?! Thank you guys!
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