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*SOLD*Ashdown CTM100 *Bargain Price Valve Power*£500

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*now sold through Facebook 


Ashdown CTM100 valve amp' in absolutely immaculate condition,complete with Roqsolid cover & owners manual.

100 watts of all valve power & it is very very loud,(100 watts of valve power is silly loud when cranked up).

I play in a classic rock band with a loud guitarist & a mental drummer with no issue whatsoever,even on a fairly big festival stage.

It sounds fantastic,with tons of creamy tone or a beautiful valve break up overdrive if that's your thing. (it's definitely mine)

This amp has had the eq mod' to bass,mid & treble  found below,which works a treat giving the eq a much greater range of adjustment which makes it a truly versatile amp.(stock these can be a bit muddy sounding but not this one :) )

Price is fixed & a total bargain for one of these lovely amp's

Collection from Harrogate only,it's worth the drive as I think this is a silly cheap price.

I'm only selling as the arthritis in my poor old knees is crying out for a lighter rig,(not that this is particularly heavy).

Not looking for trades as I already know what I'm replacing this with.

Ashdown's info' https://ashdownmusic.com/products/copy-of-ctm-300-head

Payment bank transfer or cash on collection please.

Thank you.

Fender Bassman Neo 410 also for trade -





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I have just got one of these a few weeks ago and they are great things (and thanks for the tone info, although mine might be different from the others).

Good luck with the sale!

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5 minutes ago, artisan said:

It's cheap though 😁

I didn’t say it wasn’t. Not surprised it’s gone. 

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This is still available guys 👍

I have a very interested potential buyer but nothing 100% just yet 😁

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2 minutes ago, Merton said:

Great amp, superb price. Wish I could justify it!

Of course you can 😁

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10 minutes ago, artisan said:

Of course you can 😁

I just bought a Little Bastard and that’s more than enough for my needs at the mo. I’d love to have both but sadly 4 amps is a little overkill 😂

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7 minutes ago, Merton said:

I just bought a Little Bastard and that’s more than enough for my needs at the mo. I’d love to have both but sadly 4 amps is a little overkill 😂

4 !

Now that's just greedy 😁

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Technically I have 4 now I am thinking about it - 3 of them being ashdowns and I consider myself a TC amp guy!

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26 minutes ago, Williams4S said:

Is this still available? 

Hi,technically it is sold & my buyer said he is collecting it on Tuesday.

However if he doesn't I'll let you know.


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    • By Petey
      I bought this amp some years ago as a back-up to my main amp. Although I gigged it a few times,  whilst my main amp was in for a service, it has only seen a maximum of 4 gigs. It then became amp 3,4,5 and so on. In the meantime I spent some money on it purchasing 8 new feet (4 for the side and 4 for the bottom), a new leather  handle, padded cover and the two pedals, all direct from Ashdown. The amp has lots of features and packs a punch - at the time it was Ashdown's flagship amp. Whoever gets this amp will get a well cared for and up-together amp. If you're not used to this amount of power and quality of tone, this amp will elevate your sound within the band and give your tone authority. This is the twin amp (2x 575w) model - I always admired  these amps and identified it as the 4 fan version (if you look at the others in that range they have 1 or 2 fans and NOT 4 as the more powerful amp has).
      Please note current PAT test sticker ( I have ALL my gigging equipment PAT tested yearly as I play so many venues that first ask for Public Liability Insurance and PAT test docs). If you require tech specs then there are lots on line, or more detailed photos, please PM me and I'll ping them over. I put reflective stickers on the two foot pedals so I knew what was what  on stage - they can easily be removed - but this highlights the availability of choice of the  EQ section, the Ashdown Pre-set tone option, Drive and Sub Octave to you mid performance.
      Located just east of Portsmouth on the South Coast (West Sussex) . A cash deal would be my preference but I could be up for trades, depends on what you have to offer - collection only.

    • By Joe86
      Orange AD200b mk3 & OBC 410 - £1400
      I'll try not to waffle... If you're looking at this then it's likely that you know just how good these amps and cabinets are. If you're not acquainted then please check out reviews online. 
      The pictures should speak for themselves but the whole rig is in truly superb condition... No marks or tears in the tolex anywhere... I look after my gear meticulously and I believe it shows here. Expect the odd light mark on the corner protectors but that's about it. 
      The amp was serviced / re-valved recently and the current power tubes have had no more than 30 hours use. 
      Orange branded covers and jack to speakon cable included. 
      Located in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. Trial and inspection welcome. Delivery / meet-ups considered depending on distance. 
      Thanks for looking. 

    • By chrisbass5
      Selling my VBA  400 and matching VBC 4x12 cabs.
      All valves replaced December 2018. Serviced by ex Marshall engineer Steve Dawson at same time. Been gigged approx 20 times since. 
      Moving this renowned amp on now as I’m investing in lighter gear! (not getting any younger!).No marks that I can see and comes with Roqsolid cover.
      Also selling the matching VBC cabs......4x12 speakers, rated at 400watts @ 4 ohms.
      These have got marks on the tolex and a couple of small tears around the bottom, but nothing major. 
      Willing to split.....
      Amp £500  .......£450
      Cabs £250 ........£225 each.
      Pick up only and no trades thanks.

    • By chyc
      Hello all!
      What are people's thoughts on using Ashdown's AA-50-R as an upright bass combo? It looks awfully similar to a PJB Cub in terms of advertised spec, but of course the devil is in the details.
      I sent an email to Ashdown around a month ago but never got a reply about this. Ideally I'd try one, but
      1) There isn't one near me
      2) I don't want to try one and break it

    • By big rob
      I must say the best 4x10 i have ever owned, also has a great tweeter.
      Now down to £300 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Grab a bargain.
      Also comes with the padded TC cover.
      TC Blurb:
      Stackable 600 Watt bass cabinet with tweeter offers extreme portability and superior tone for stage and studio use ? Vertically stackable with other RS range cabinets for uncompromising full-frequency sound Compact and lightweight bass cabinet design 4 x 10" custom Eminence* drivers for deep fundamental bass tone 1" titanium diaphragm tweeter with 1.5" aluminum coil for increased percussive attack and definition Dual speaker link connections on premium Neutrik speakON* connectors (8 Ohm impedance) L-pad control lets you adjust to get the perfect amount of high-end detail Stylish ?anti-skid? covered plywood cabinet designed for toughest life on the road Designed and engineered in Denmark  

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