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Pedal steel / lap steel

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re Lap Steel.

I've always played a bit of slide. Mostly G tuning, but I also have a Roland Strat which when input into a VG99 (no longer have it) or Boss GP-10 can have any tuning you like through guitar modelling (there is a resonator, but would probably use a strat or Tele model) 6 string only though, but with two controller pedals can be assigned to any string to change notes momentarily.

Not quite "Authentic" as Gibson might say (that's another story :facepalm:), but I wouldn't mind sticking the 13 pin guitar pickup on a lap steel and see where it would take me.

e.g. "normal" whatever tuning on the lap steel, switch Roland pickup on to select an entirely different tuning with the option to drop/raise two of the notes. Obviously only worth trying if you have any of this stuff which I do.

I'll be watching my local CC for a cheap lap steel, and if the results are good, I'll buy something better.

Totally off the subject, but could be of interest ?

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