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  1. James at Nottingham Theatre Royal is the only gig I've ever left early. The realisation that I could just leave if I was bored was a eureka moment. It may have had something to do with it being the first gig for which I'd had to (irony alert) sit down rather than standing, which probably spoiled the atmosphere for me. Up until then I'd been a big fan.
  2. Yep, sorry 'bout that. I have a five string* if that's any good? *okay, it's a banjo
  3. Thanks Mods, I had a quick look but obviously not enough (y)
  4. Not sure I need 24 frets to be honest... It would complement my collection though.
  5. New models to celebrate 90 years. Oh my, the bass... https://www.instagram.com/p/CKRm2vbsqbm/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  6. Enjoyed that. Thanks for posting it up
  7. I tore the tendon of the ring finger of my fretting hand playing rugby many years ago, and have a cracking scar for my troubles. The finger in question got back about 80% of its movement and works well enough. My one piece of advice would be to work through all the physio you're prescribed and don't shirk it. It'll be worth it in the long run
  8. In no particular order: Stingray 4H in honeyburst Jack Casady in wine red Rickenbacker 4005 in fireglo
  9. Another vote for Beefheart: people seem to struggle with Trout Mask Replica in particular. On the jazz front: Ornette Coleman
  10. Mozart's Requiem Mass on the way in. Herb Alpert - Spanish Flea on the way out
  11. Of course it's special: it's on a Rickenbacker But otherwise, yeah, it's just black really
  12. As part of a middle aged couple with a food obsession, a dog and no children it's almost as though her show was designed explicitly for me. Just need to get the moho for the full set
  13. Thanks it doesn't get a lot of use these days as the Tele much better fits a Country sound. I don't think I'll ever part with it though. I toyed with a 360/12 when I got it: always been a big Byrds fan. AC30 sounds like the perfect partner for it. Still tempted by a 4001
  14. Can anyone spot the general colour theme?
  15. Yes, I was thinking particularly about the hype that Screamadelica attracted. Great album but not remotely the work of genius it's often portrayed as imho.
  16. As much as I like Stone Roses and Primal Scream I think they're both massively overrated. On the other hand, how Jason Isbell isn't one of the biggest stars in music eludes me.
  17. Another Tele here: a sunburst Nashville Deluxe. Plus a fireglo Rickenbacker 330/6 and an Epiphone Hummingbird Pro. Thinking about it, this is more guitars than the guitarist in our band has.
  18. Grits here: simple and country. And not to most people's taste
  19. (y) got fobbed off with a very very dark grey bass doing just this
  20. Very sad news Now smoking a cigarette nine miles long
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