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***SOLD***** Valenti J4 Sunburst

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This is the second time I've owned this particular bass.

Bought the second time around for my son, who has now declared he wants a Les Paul instead. He's certainly not getting mine!

VALENTI J4 Vintage Sunburst


Swamp Ash Body
'59 Burst Finish
Graphite reinforced Maple neck
1 1/2" @ Nut
Aguilar OBP-1 Preamp w/VTC (18 volts)
Nordstrand Big Singles
Tortoise shell Pick-guard
12" Fretboard Radius
Chrome Hardware
Hipshot B Style Bridge (20mm spacing)
Hipshot HB-1 Tuners
Contoured heel for easier access to upper frets
Hiscox hard case

Weighing in at around 8.5lb so not too heavy.

Located in Stamford, Lincs, close to the A1












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How is the action and playability on this beauty? Are you willing to ship it to Netherlands?

I always wanted to play a Valenti.

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It's a sweet playing bass. I'm no expert but these are highly rated instruments. The action is low and it plays superbly. Even a dedicated Les Paul player like me can work with it.


Will to ship at cost. Whereabouts are you in NL?

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I definitely don’t need this as I have a very similar Sadowsky Metro with Nordstrands, but this is virtually the same bass at half the money. Silly value!!

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