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ACG Recurve S 5-String

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Hi everyone! Due to it not getting as much playing time as it should, I'm looking to sell my ACG Recurve 5 string. It was bought on this very forum a few years ago in 2013, here is the original advert (with some super sexy pictures):

Here are the specs (slightly tweaked from the original advert- forgive me for my sins!):

Built in 2010, this is custom-made bass by Alan Cringean of ACG. It has a 5 piece body with Macassar Ebony top and a Wenge back and core along with Sycamore accent veneers. 

The neck is a 7 piece Flame Sycamore and Macassar Ebony with an acrylic impregnated Flame Sycamore fingerboard with Macassar Ebony binding. 

It is the third left handed basses that ACG has made and is of extremely high standard. It is number 0060 and is on his site here:


It has an ACG EQ01 Filter based 18 volt pre amp (made in conjunction with John East), ACG FB humbuckers and John East low battery indicator with Series/Single/Parallel switches for each pickup. The filter based pre-amp is similar to what the famous Wal basses came with and makes it a very versatile bass. You can read more about it on the ACG site here:


The hardware is Hipshot A type Bridge and Ultralight tuners & Marvel straplocks. It also has a Neutrik locking input jack meaning that your cable won't come loose. 

35" scale, 17mm string spacing with a 16" radius fingerboard. The neck has an asymmetrical profile (fatter on the B side) which makes it very east to play. 

The bass is fairly heavy, but comes with the Neotech padded strap I got it with (worth £35) that relieves most of the weight - it's never been an issue for me though and it's worth it for the look and sound! 

As shown in the pictures it is in near-new condition. I cannot find a mark or scratch on this bass other than some slight corrosion of the toggle switches. 

I will consider trades for a left-handed Fender Telecaster with money (either way depending on the guitar) to balance the difference. 

I am looking for local pickup in Manchester due to the value of the guitar and a lack of suitable boxes for it.

Happy to answer any questions you might have!








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On 11/06/2018 at 21:42, josh3184 said:

Due to it not getting as much playing time as it should, I'm looking to sell my ACG Recurve 5 string.

Wow....that really is a beautiful bass.

Mine is the same....beautiful, great tones, plays fantastic...but I'm a bit too precious about it and it spends lots of it's life in it's case.

Alan's fault. Maybe he needs to build crappier basses which are ugly and people don't care about...😉😉

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