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Gig bag for Eden WT500?


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Hi folks,

Just acquired an Eden WT550 head which I love (actually it's gobsmacking!!) but is vulnerable to transport, does anyone have any suggestions for a gig bag? The original Eden ones seem hard to come by and I'm not fussed about the make, but it needs to be sturdy cos this is a heavy old school amp! I'm loathe to put this in a rack because it kind of defeats the point of it being a relatively compact beastie.

Dimensions are 35cm x 30cm x 10cm.

Thanks y'all for looking!


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I’ve got one but it’s mounted in a soft rack case 3 unit Aguilar bag. I’d say go with the Chstom case, or if you’re lucky some old mic boxes. Leather satchel is a good shout. 

Tricky these amps. I love mine

jts small but heavy. I also have a cooling ststem installed on my rack case and it works for me. Doesn’t bother me because I tend to drive to gigs with it. If I’m not driving and I’m the tube in London I take my wtdi pedal and use what ever monitors are there

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Congrats! I bought mine a little over a year ago and it still puts a stupid smile on my face whenever I play it.

After some experimenting I settled on a Gator shallow rack case. It’s really quite amazing just how well it fits. All of the bits and bobs fit in the remaining space on the sides, which also helps with airflow during operation.

It’s not featherweight, but considering the amp plus case and cables weigh about the same as one of my 1x12 cabs, I find it perfectly acceptable. :)


Here’s how it looks. I blind riveted an aluminium corner strip to the bottom of the frame for extra support.


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