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Eminence 4 string Electric Upright Bass (removable neck)

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It well and truly breaks my heart to sell my baby but I have to pay the bills. It’s this or the p-bass and I just don’t get the upright gigs to justify keeping such a wonderful instrument.

These are fantastic professional basses, used by the likes of Esperanza Spalding. The acoustic chamber makes for a wonderful rich tone, just like a full body acoustic, but with the portability of an electric upright. Definitelythe best of both worlds. Easily fitted in my tiny old coupe with the peg up, and you can fly by taking the neck off.

Great player, bridge a little high for a fast jazz player (set up for both pizz and bow at the moment) but lots of scope for adjustment.

It’s been around a bit but the bass is in good condition (a couple of dings pictured near the peg but that’s just superficial gigging wear). The hard case is another story, which is battered and missing a couple of clips (the previous owner toured a lot). I can either scrap that or you can pick it up with the bass and try and repair it - let me know. The padded gig bag is in good nick, durable and worked just fine for me taking it in the car to gigs.

Looking for £1500 collected from Newcastle please. I’m fairly firm on the price as these are rare as hens teeth in the UK.

Thanks for looking.




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Wow! Worth a trip to Geordieland for this one. By the time I get funds this will probably be gone. Good luck with the sale. (Hopefully for me it’s still around in a few weeks.)

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9 hours ago, therealting said:

I think I might own this one now. 

Yes you do!

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Just to be clear for anyone else interested in this bass - it’s no longer for sale, it is in my possession now and passed through at least one other set of hands before me. 

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I can concur. My ad is now marked sold, hopefully can get this one done soon!

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    • By TJ Spicer
      Markbass Little Mark Tube 500 £400 £300
      Priced a little under others on here due to the fact it is case-less, and has a couple more dings than those that have lived in a case all their lives. A super solid amp that never let me down over the couple of tours I did at the start of the year. Ideal for doubling and blending piezo and mic on upright bass which was where I used this the majority of the time. 
      Rock solid and only a year or so since new, I've just moved to try the Eich stuff and have my Ashdown Little Stubby for all the tube stuff. 
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      Bassix folding upright bass in good working order, has a few battle scars and a rattle which don't affect playability. Sturdy and sounds good through an amp with the included pickup. More images of marks to follow when I pull it from storage at a relatives house, it just isn't getting used at the moment.
      41.25 inches scale length, ebony fingerboard, pickup is a a Hurley from http://www.hurleypickups.com/
      UPDATE, Ok I've finally pulled it from storage at my grandparents house and quickly filmed a vid while I was there, It's still there as I don't have space at home for it but I can collect it no problem if anybody wants to try it. New vid and pics below
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      I'm selling my double bass having upgraded.  The bass is better suited to jazz, folk pizzicato play than orchestral, though I did use it up to grade 5 and in a local amateur orchestra.  The bass has been fitted with a pickup mounted under the feet of the bridge - I do not know the make.
      The bass is of Czech origin, around 1990.  I purchased it from Peter Tyler Double Basses, and it was set up by Peter.  He also fitted the pickup.
      I am in Wokingham and selling for around £700.  This is for collection only.  The bass comes with a soft case.
      Note that there is slight scratching and signs of wear, as expected for an instrument of this age.

    • By adamhiggs
      Thinning the herd in anticipation for a home move, so hope this may be of interest to someone. 
      Hungarian 3/4 size Double Bass in excellent condition. The label on the inside reads it as a Carlo Bisiach copy. The fingerboard dots and setup done by at The Bass Place, Herne Hill. 
      It's made a great spare to take into theatre pits, nice and small, plays very well all over. Currently strung with Evan Pirazzi strings, a David Gage Lifeline pick up and I'll leave the quiver on. Comes in a Gewa soft case. 
      The dimensions are:
      String Length; 104.3cm 
      Upper Bout; 49cm
      Lower; 66.5cm
      Depth; 21cm
      Welcome to come try out in Sydenham, South East London.