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  1. It well and truly breaks my heart to sell my baby but I have to pay the bills. It’s this or the p-bass and I just don’t get the upright gigs to justify keeping such a wonderful instrument. These are fantastic professional basses, used by the likes of Esperanza Spalding. The acoustic chamber makes for a wonderful rich tone, just like a full body acoustic, but with the portability of an electric upright. Definitelythe best of both worlds. Easily fitted in my tiny old coupe with the peg up, and you can fly by taking the neck off. Great player, bridge a little high for a fast jazz player (set up for both pizz and bow at the moment) but lots of scope for adjustment. It’s been around a bit but the bass is in good condition (a couple of dings pictured near the peg but that’s just superficial gigging wear). The hard case is another story, which is battered and missing a couple of clips (the previous owner toured a lot). I can either scrap that or you can pick it up with the bass and try and repair it - let me know. The padded gig bag is in good nick, durable and worked just fine for me taking it in the car to gigs. Looking for £1500 collected from Newcastle please. I’m fairly firm on the price as these are rare as hens teeth in the UK. Thanks for looking. Mat
  2. Wow, love the bad plus, hadn't heard this lush version of one of my favourite pieces of music. Thanks for sharing. The build ups they do are great, I love silence is the question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cphDmAwBVE4 [quote name='EliasMooseblaster' timestamp='1486550991' post='3232629'] I enjoyed that, very interesting take on the song - and a lovely upright tone, as you say. I didn't think the strange key change in the piano line during the second chorus really worked...maybe I've missed the point, but I didn't feel like it added anything to the song, just seemed to be dissonance for dissonance's sake. Very nice arrangement otherwise though! [/quote] I like their use of dissonance here, adding contrast to the beautiful harmonies of the non dissonant first chorus. Almost recreating the pharmacological bliss the first time, then the sickening withdrawal in the first verse immediately afterwards, and trying to chase the bliss again in the second chorus but instead just spiralling out of control. Like musical onomatopoeia (something which I think Pink Floyd do really well themselves).
  3. Just to clarify, I'm not talking about selling drugs. I have a nice old soft top car, that is great for cruising, and I love it to bits. It is however probably the least practical car ever built. I can just about to manage my bass and a rucksack in the front and my little aguilar 112 cab can squeeze into the boot. But I'm going to bite the bullet and get a PA and maybe some lights, and I need to upsize my amp to something a little bigger. So I was thinking about getting a second vehicle for the purpose of gigging. I looked at vans first of all but van insurance costs an arm and a leg, so now I'm thinking along the lines of something like a people carrier, that I can just leave all the back seats folded over. Any suggestions for a cheap old people carrier/estate, that has a very accessible boot space, and seats that fold down totally flat, with enough room for a reasonable sized pa, some lights, and a couple of bass cabs in the back? Cheers!
  4. Great thread, loving listening to these suggestions. For me, two very different bass tones. When I started out over a decade ago this is the bass sound that drove me crazy: [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-V8kYT1pvE[/media] Rex Brown + production making that bass sound like a pack of growling lions! So cool. Now, this is much more my cup of tea - James Jamerson and the Fender P-Bass: [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz-UvQYAmbg[/media]
  5. Tech


    Bought a bass from Paul and he drove halfway across the country with it, couldn't ask for any better. Top bloke and an easy transaction - couldn't be happier with the bass! Had a great chat in the afternoon complete with free cake and coffee from his lovely wife. Thanks again sir!
  6. [quote name='rogerstodge' timestamp='1401308784' post='2462385'] ha... Typical of our guitarist, i emailed him the photos and left him a voicemail and... Yup .. Nothing.. I won't see him til next weekend but will let you know if he comes back [/quote] Typical guitarist did you have any luck in the end mate? Cheers, Mat.
  7. [quote name='rogerstodge' timestamp='1401024209' post='2459237'] Just sent this to my guitarist i know he's looking for a Dano' [/quote] Cheers mate, let me know if he's interested. I'm open to trades too if he's got anything interesting.
  8. I bought this a few years ago when the new Danelectro reissues came out. It's a nice looking guitar, never gigged and in great condition (some normal wear and tear). Really like the sound of the guitar especially for rhythm, it's got nice sustain and a good jangle to it, and I don't even need to mention that it's light as a feather - but unfortunately once you go strat, you never go back... I don't wanna post so meet in London is ideal, could meet around any tube station but I live in Camden if anyone wants to come and pick it up. I'm after [b]£120[/b] cash ONO really, but may consider trades... Pics to go up shortly, just charging the camera battery. EDIT: Here come the pics! There's a scratch on the back just near the neck bolts, plus a couple of other similar areas of light wear. Also the finish is matt black, but this has polished down to gloss in places through use (eg., on the right flank). Have tried to show these in pics. [attachment=162404:dano front bed.jpg] [attachment=162405:dano front far.jpg] [attachment=162406:front close.jpg] [attachment=162408:dano back scratch.jpg][attachment=162407:dano back close.jpg]
  9. [quote name='lojo' timestamp='1399654246' post='2446406'] Ive certainly done a few gigs along those lines, and sometimes they can be fun. [/quote] Definitely does sound fun - sad thing I've noticed is that the classier/higher paying gigs you play, the less fun they seem to be. Wouldn't mind that gig at all (provided someone else was driving!)
  10. So I've got a 1983 Rick 4003 that has some of the old Grover USA tuners, with the funny back section, like this: Now one of them has been broken for years - you have to hold the back hatch in place whilst you turn the key, or else it will pop off. I'd like to get it fixed, but this particular part is rare and hard to come by - they were discontinued decades ago and only ever tend to sell in sets, and they seem to go for £150-200 which is pretty expensive. If I swapped out the tuners for the nearest replacement from Grover (which would probably involve drilling a few more holes - I would take this to a professional to install obviously) how much damage to the value of the instrument would I be looking at? Thanks, Mat.
  11. I'm not sure if I'm making this up or not. Probably around 8-10 years ago I loved this bass player who had an internet presence of some description, probably a website. I think his name may have been Mr. Coffee Killer or something along those lines, but a quick google isn't really bringing anything up at all. IIRC he had some kind of 6 string bass, with an "X" taped between the strings and the pickups. He did a lot of slap stuff and I think he had some tutorials on his website. I can't remember the details. If anyone knows what on earth I'm talking about, or even better still has some of his music, I'd love to hear it again. Cheers!
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