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FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 1900£)

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Hello guys, I’m selling this piece of beauty. Warwick build this bass specially for me under my specification. It’s a unique bass with a powerful sound and has performed great at higher pro levels. 

Here you can watch a video-demo that I arranged for it so you can check her capabilities. It’s a very versatile bass and by the way, it’s a gorgeous finish!!!

It has an scratch on the side because of the screws of the strap (see the pic), otherwise is perfect. I later installed an Aguilar OBP-2 preamp and EMG active pickups, a combination that I like a lot and that suits this bass perfectly. 

In this link you can check the specifications that Warwick used to build this bass: http://www.warwick.de/en/Warwick---Products--Instruments--Customshop---Masterbuilt--Basic-Bass-Models--Streamer--Streamer-Stage-I--Streamer-Stage-I-4-String--Streamer-Stage-I---14-2734--4-string--Pictures.html

I told the guys on the Custom Shop to build after this customizations: 

* Ying-Yang inlays
* D-Tuner
* P style inverted pickups (as an a regular P bass, more room for slap pluck)
* Ocean Blue Oil Finish

In this video I play it, and besides it’s a “fake live”, the bass on the audio track is exactly this. In fact, I recorded several of the Powafunk album tracks with her. 

The instrument is located in Barcelona. Price doesn’t include shipping. 

The price of this bass is unbeatable and right now I'm not thinking on trading it, unless someone consider trading a USA MTD 535-24 or 534-24 plus money from my side.

Payment through PayPal or cash if I meet you in person.

Thanks and see you around!





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Trades update
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17 hours ago, KuzBass said:

Wow, what a beauty! Sounds fantastic! I must tell I enjoy your playing very much! Tight, articulate and groovy! GLWTS!

Thanks a lot man :)

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I would trade this beauty for a MM Classic Sabre maple fingerboard + money difference.

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21 minutes ago, dmccombe7 said:

Stunning bass. Love the tone on the Powafunk clip. Fantastic bass work.

GLWTS should go quick i expect.


Thanks a lot for your kind words Dave. It's really a pro instrument. And it's fairly unique. 

Happy new year!!! :drinks:

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This is your chance to get a Custom Shop Warwick for half the price!!! A unique instrument with an incredible sound and playability. Let's go!!!

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Surprised this hasn't sold. Bit of a one of custom bass too.

Good luck


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14 hours ago, dmccombe7 said:

Surprised this hasn't sold. Bit of a one of custom bass too.

Good luck


Hi Dave, I have to say I'm really surprised too. I was selling three of my Warwicks and I thought this was the one that was going to be sold first. Good looking and even better sounding bass... well, I guess you never know... Thanks for the comment bro!

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Posted (edited)

The price of this bass is unbeatable and right now I'm not thinking on trading it, unless someone consider trading a USA MTD 535-24 or 534-24 plus money from my side.

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    • By Oriol
      Hi there!
      I'm selling my Warwick Corvette Custom Fretless 4-string. The bass is in perfect condition (and I mean perfect!). 
      - Ebony fingerboard with marked lines
      - Bolt on neck
      - Ebony nut
      - Ash body
      - Bartolini J/J pickups
      - Aguilar OBP-3 preamp (volume, balance, bass, mid and treble)
      - Wooden ramp between pick ups
      - Wood knobs (same as the ramp)
      - Golden hardware
      The price is € 800 (case included) + shipping costs.
      I recorded with it a couple of tracks from my last CD, you can hear it here:
      No trades please. The bass is in Barcelona.

    • By Eerosmith
      Price drop: 2100€ / 1900GBD With shipping
      This is a beautiful surf green P-bass with all the original accessories included. I've swapped the pickup to a Fender Pure vintage '63 pickup. Still got the original.
      Beautiful wide-grain quartersawn neck.
      Strung with LaBella Jamerson strings.
      Few dings but otherwise great condition. Bought this bass second hand from ebay from the original owner who ordered the bass.
      Bass is in Helsinki, Finland.
      Thanks for looking!

    • By LukeFRC
      For Sale or Trade 1985 Thumb Bass. 
      This was/is my "Holy Grail" bass, and after years of wanting a Thumb managed to pick up a very early special one about five years ago. 
      It's great... but after us having a wee baby I'm rationalising that it's not getting chosen for any gigs, I tried playing it exclusively for a few months and I just don't gell with it the way I do with two of my other basses. Anyway, that's enough about me - you'll came here for the bass didn't you?   
      It's a pretty much all original 1985 JD Thumb bass, one of the first 150 ever made. This is the second revision with the classic body shape, with the early shorter horn. Back in the days when Warwick was all about small scale handbuilt production. Why only pretty much all original? Well the german session musician I bought it from I think I had had it refret - with period correct steel frets. It's got that thin, skinny neck common of this era.
      "Aha" shouts that guy on the internet "You've said it's a JD thumb, but it doesn't say it is on the truss rod cover"  - well no, but back then they were all "JD thumbs" and the truss rod cover is quite special - it's made of Solid Mother of Pearl! According to an email conversation with HP Wilfer of Warwick this was quite an expensive feature and used in the early days to designate any "custom shop" models built to a particular spec. In this case the active SD active pickups and the brass saddles on a black bridge are slightly different to what you would expect. I asked and he couldn't remember who it would have been built for. You won't find many Warwicks with one of these truss rod covers. Jack Bruce had one on his 1985 fretless. 
      Plays great, and has a nice low action all down the 26 frets, it sounds great with the classic thumb bass sound (piano like?) but comparing it to some later thumbs which had more of a middy compressed tone this is slightly more open sounding with a big fat bottom end.
      Apart from a small chip to the corner of the truss rod cover it's in great condition for a 33 year old bass, actually it would probably be  in a pretty good condition for a 3 year old  bass.  
      Comes in a Bass Centre branded '90's Warwick gig bag in usable condition but with the cable pocket zip broken. If it needs to be posted could source hard case for it.
      Based in Leeds area, can post within UK or EU at cost.
      So that's it for sale... but I've also mentioned trades.
      I would listen to trade offers or part exchanges for this. Either a nice bass and money my way, or a straight swap for something interesting. Unless it's something I really want or could make use off please don't be offended if I say no. 
      Basswise I seem to be gravitating towards more traditional bolt on P, J and Stingray type basses, probably 4 string, maybe 5, defiantly with frets, and I like my frets perpendicular to the neck. I don't mind beat up well played basses, in some ways prefer them. 
      My GAS list is quite short a Fender Roscoe Beck, G&L L2000e, PreEB ray or something like the Sadowsky Metro Will Lee that just sold on here would be interesting. Get in touch if you've got something in mind. 

    • By aberbassman
      For sale is my Warwick Streamer Stage I GPS  Natural. This through neck Bass is from the pro GPS  made in Germany series. It plays like dream with a great variation of tones. The bass is in great condition and comes with the deluxe Warwick gig bag. Back to the market due to buyer changing his mind.

    • By D-L-B
      *price drop
      Regrettably letting this go as it hasn't been touched in ages.
      Excellent condition, only marks to speak of are some slight wear on the corner of the neck pick up from heavy handed playing, a small bump blemish on the headstock and side of body near the controls. I've chosen pictures that show these as clearly as possible, the bass looks great in the flesh.

      A plethora of tones at your fingertips with the myriad knobs available to twiddle.
      Comes with hardcase, authenticity certificate and wallet with truss rod tool etc...
      I'll get some more pictures taken outside once the sun returns.
      Link: http://www.warwick.jp/products/made_in_germany/limited_edition/2008/
      Any questions, just ask.