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Gibson plectrum alternative

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Hi All
I use the round-ish shaped Gibson plectrums (not the Standard, or Wedge shapes) and can't seem to find them anymore. Medium thickness. Any sources? or ones the same shape but in a different material that lasts a bit longer.
I find I'm now very picky about the shape and gauge having always used them, but my old stash is getting low.
Other shapes and thicknesses just don't do it for me.

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Do you mean the ones like a big rounded off triangle?

I believe Fender make a pretty much identical one.

Dunlop also make a similar thing, but its a bit more triangular (like the yellow Angry Bird) but comes in a variety of gauges. It's what I use.

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you might also like the Fender 347 shape ones too, they look very similar to the Gibson ones you posted above


personally I love the Fender 451, it's the same shape as a standard plectrum but slightly smaller, I bought about 40 last time and still have a fair few left in my stash.

I linked to the fender page as it has good clear photos,


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