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  1. This still up for grabs?
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Great Basschatter, paid promptly and kept me updated.
  4. One Happy Customer! Someone's gotta want the COG - This things are all the rage!
  5. Can I tickle ya? https://youtu.be/nP4DBpWy_64?t=1m58s
  6. Hello all! I have a few pedals here that are surplus to requirements! Pictures below! All boxed! £5 recorded postage to anywhere in the UK. [s][b]COG Knightfall Distortion (orignal version) - £7£ [color=#ff0000]£65! [/color][/b][/s][b][color=#FF0000]SOLD!![/color][/b] [s]I purchased this last year when there was only one type of this pedal, the bass switch is great for bringing in those juicer lows. I've used this on both Bass & Guitar. Here's a (Muse heavy) video I recorded last year demoing some sounds: [url="https://youtu.be/VDaS_kuY7CQ"]https://youtu.be/VDaS_kuY7CQ[/url] [b]Digitech CM-2 Tube Overdrive[color=#ff0000] £30 [/color][/b][/s][b][color=#FF0000]SOLD!![/color][/b] [s]Digitech are capable of creating some really robust and great sound pedal, so pick this one up for a bargain.[/s] [s][b]Boss OD2 - £35[color=#ff0000] £30! [/color][/b][/s][b][color=#FF0000]SOLD!![/color][/b] [s]The trusted OD2 - again I've used this on both bass and guitar and it's incredibly versatile.[/s] [b][s]Palmer Deepressor - £26[/s][color=#ff0000][s] £25![/s] SOLD!![/color][/b] [s]This thing is great for bass. I'm getting rid because it doesn't quite do what I need it to for my guitar (I run both my bass and guitar through the same rig). It used to sit on top of my cab, away from my pedalboard because I just left it turned on all the time! I bought this of fellow Basschatter CamdenRob, so I'm selling it on at the same bargain price.[/s]
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