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  1. Boss certainly have their place. 

    They have tried to be innovative, yet reliable and dependable.

    I have quite a few Boss pedals that I love. I also have some that I honestly have a love / hate relationship with as well.


  2. 18 hours ago, basstone said:

    Looks like R140 and R141 are both missing. Both small SMD items so not much power dissipation I think? Those solder pads also look damaged. It looks like the short was to the pillar on the left judging by the melted bit and black soot?

    from what I've been told, 141 is on the underside.

    The picture before was quite some crime scene lol (I dont't have it unfortunately), but the pillar is definitely the culprit 

  3. 21 hours ago, gary mac said:

    When trying to repair a BH250 for a customer, I could get no help, schematics or advice from them. They have an approved repairer in Sheffield (name escapes me at the moment). What with courier fees, each way and a minimum charge to look at it, it wasn't cost effective to get it fixed.

    All I’m looking for is a value of a resistor. It shouldn’t really be that hard! Lol

    Its R140. 
    everything else works fine, but this will restore it to a completely working condition. 👍

  4. Hi there.

    I have a favour to ask of the bh250 owners out there.

    My amp has blown, and the issue has been traced to resistor R140. Apparently it's "part of a potential divider where the positive dc power comes into the amp board from the power supply board" - I hope that means more to someone than it does to me LOL

    Is there anyone that knows what value it is, or could open up the case to take a pic for me to send to my amp repair chap to help him out? 

    I'm coming up with nothing on google regarding schematics or values.


    Thank you in advance 



  5. If you're a fan of the matsumoku instruments, don't discount the Westburys.

    Lovely build, and with dimarzio pups iirc.

    I have two, and they sound immense ;)


    But of those two, I'd go for the Aria

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  6. Evening chaps. 
    recently my bh250 amp head blew. 
    I have a particularly gifted friend that has spotted a short causes by a loose bolt rattling around inside. 
    min order to fix it, he needs a schematic to identify the resistor’s value that has blown. 
    Does anyone have one or know where I can find one. My Google searches have shown up nothing so far. 
    thanks in advance 👍👍

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