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  1. as another side step the optogate is a great signal, and uses an optical element to essentially switch the mike on when you get close to it.


    Microphone Gates | Optogate (optogateonline.com)

  2. 3 hours ago, Bigwan said:

    Surprised they haven't released the VT Bass version... 


    I made my own but prefer the Oxford! 

    love my oxford still after 6 months+

    would love to see the leeds cloned ;) 

  3. I've taken advantage of some of these deals with Donner before - mainly for "function" pedals like a/b and DI. 

    Great price point, and decent functionality - What's not to like?

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  4. The Ibanez weeping demon has been my go to wah for over 15 years now. 

    Its super versatile, does switched as well as automatic switch-on, and has some well thought out controls giving options sound wise

    I've owned and used many different wahs - The cliff like morley power fuzz wah, geezer, coloursound, dunlop 105, 535 etc.... and always return to the demon. As said earlier, it can really SCREAM when paired with a tasty fuzz. ;)


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