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  1. Afternoon! 
    my old x2 system seems to have died. 
    in case my trusty friend and electronic guru isn’t able to fix it, I’m kind of investigating options for replacement. 

    I’m a fairly picky shopper for some things, and musical gear generally seems to be one of them. 
    I’d like to find something along similar lines to my x2 system- meaning that I’m not a fan of the foldable type transmitter things, and would like a pedal sized receiver to go on my board. 
    I’ve looked at the boss and line 6 offerings, and I have to say that I think the ‘block on a jack’ type transmitters look terrible. I’d prefer a unit with a cable. 
    what kind of options are there out there?

    Thanking you 👍🤘

  2. I'm not a fan  of mfx. I get it, but would never use one.

    I prefer to add individual pedals as i need them - so I can choose the model/ manufacturer that suits the sound I'm after best without dealing with menus/ programming etc.

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