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  1. a BC rich Wave with twin P pups. 

    Neck thru (profile similar to my blue harris sig), and a 2 a side headstock. No inlays except a prisoner style unicyle across frets 11-13

    Pups would be the ones that are found in my Fender modern player jag - Those pups are just perfect!

    badass/ babicz bridge, vvt controls, and side mounted jack socket.

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  2. If i have signature instruments, it's because I have played them and liked them

    Currently I have a Tom Delonge squier strat - hardtail, single humbucker, no frills rock machine

    a bc rich Mick thompson archtop bich (was going to be a sig model, but he moved to ibanez as they manufactured them!) Great sound and look

    a Zakk Wylde epiphone LP - which arrived in the guitar shop I was working in on the day my Nan died, so I bought it in memory of her

    a steve harris P - I'm a bit of a harris nerd, but this is quite simply THE best P bass I have ever played (and it was a gift)

    Dean Demonator - David Vincent designed sig model - Meaty sounding and a great slightly edgy look

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