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  1. 1 hour ago, Jus Lukin said:

    Bill Black's '56 Precision



    Marshall Grant's Epiphone Newport



    Billy Talbot's Precision with Telecaster bass neck. For some reason I'm much more excited by it when it was white than after he painted it red.



    Tommy Shannon's battered white Jazz



    Glen Benton's Red BC Rich Ironbird



    Davids Vincent's Hamer



    Tom Petersson and his Chandler Royal 12-string


    David Vincent’s Hamer was a real stunner. Sounded awesome as well. 
    the glen benton stealth was the one for me 

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  2. Harris’ blue sparkle or

    checkerboard p


    cliffs ricky and the aria 


    The white blood spattered warlock gene plays in the god gave rock and roll to you 2 video. 

    dusty hills upside down lefty 51 p style bass. 

    Tom araya’s reverse headstock bc rich wave. 😍😍

    do we really need pics of these?


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  3. 34 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:


    Indeed, if Fender had used their wits they would have registered it back in the early 80s to stop Warwick ripping it off.

    That doesn’t tend to stop people pinching a name though does it?

  4. 17 hours ago, Merton said:

    Love that tiny tuner! Is it good? My Polytune Mini is starting to fall apart and makes horrible pops when switching it on and off… (to be fair it an normally out of my main signal and “always on” but it’s for those times I want it to be in the signal chain I need it to be silent….)

    I've been using the swiff tuner for over a year both for recording and more recently, live work.

    It does exactly what it's supposed to do, and there have been no extraneous noises when switching.

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  5. I heard death of the Celts on planet rock on Friday. 
    I think it’s almost clansman - I hear the melodies in there lol

    almost exactly the same construction wise as well. 
    after listening twice all the way through- I think Celts is one of the stronger songs there. 
    Ive been a maiden fan for far too many years, and always look forward to hearing new tunes from them, but I have to say that there’s nowt that’s blown me away on this album- some good bits, and ‘noddles’ but nothing WOW! For me this time around. 😢

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