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  1. Are we really going to change the rules of Cricket just because kids don't find it 'exciting' and have the attention span of a goldfish?? Anyone who doesn't understand the rules doesn't deserve to enjoy the game, IMHO. Bah! Tsk! Pshaw! And so on.

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    2. Marvin


      If they want kids to get interested then the powers that be should stop selling the TV rights to SKY and BT and make them available to more accessible channels. I got into cricket by watching it with my Grandad when it was shown on the beeb.

    3. Dood


      Dinosaurs Vs Cricketers.. I think I might watch that! 

      "You're out!!"

      *MUNCH* "Nyarrghhhh!!!!!"

    4. Daz39


      Cricket is coming back to terrestrial next year I believe. Ofc it's the audience vs money problem.

      Brontosaurus as sweeper on the Cover boundary, Velociraptors at Short Leg. Just make sure if Stegosaurus is bowling they use their short run-up.