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  1. Bought a Musicmaster bass from Ian last week - a pleasure to deal with! Shipped the following day and received the day after ... hardly stopped playing it since! Thanks.
  2. Hi, is this the deluxe or the standard version do you know? Is there a model number on it anywhere? Thx.
  3. Fab basses these - treated myself to a fretless one a couple of weeks ago and I love it! Excellent build quality & great sounds, and the 32" scale works really well ... great price too! GLWTS
  4. Fabulous looking bass! I'd be seriously tempted if I didn't already have one! I even have the mix 'n' match black scratchplate, pickup covers and knobs too! 😁
  5. Think it's about time I added to this thread ... '75 Fender Jazz with a few personal touches ...
  6. I'll take 'em off your hands Mike! Could possibly pop over tomorrow, or failing that after work Monday or Tues evening.
  7. As it says in the title, I have set of EMG Select Jazz pickups which were fitted to a Squier Jazz I bought last year. SEJ (Neck, 91.5 mm long) and SEPJ (Bridge - 94 mm) which I believe probably date from the 1980s. There's a little bit of wear on the covers where they've obviously come into contact with the vibrating strings, but the pickups themselves are working fine as far as I know - my multimeter measures a resistance of 7.15 (SEJ) and 6.9 (SEPJ). Looking for £30 inc UK delivery.
  8. I'll take them off your hands if they're still available - will PM you.
  9. Are there any places near you that run regular jam sessions? They can be a great way to get started & also to meet other players who may be in a similar position to you. And what about local rehearsal studios? They usually have notice boards for musicians seeking bands & vice versa ...
  10. Hi - just for clarification, re. the maple neck, is it an actual Fender brand, MIJ replacement neck?
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