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  1. Nice start to the day today. Came downstairs to find a very tired looking white-tailed bumblebee stumbling about on the hall floor. I recalled reading something about bees responding well to a bit of energy and hydration, so i mixed a tiny bit of sugar in a splash of water on the end of a teaspoon, and held it down in front of the bee. It found it and immediately started to drink, I could see its tongue lapping it up. After slurping for a couple of minutes it stopped and visibly began to revive, so I took it outside. It headed straight for some flowers and started doing what bees do, looking a lot healthier. My feelgood moment for the day. :) 

    1. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Well done you. Restores my faith in humanity reading things like that. Unlike the little shyte I saw in the park. He was astride his bike with another kid watching and was bouncing his front wheel up and down on the path. As I rounded the corner, his mate remonstrated with him to which he shouted ‘I don’t care, I hate them’ and on seeing me they both scarpered. When I stopped where they had been there were pieces of earthworms squidged all over the path. His parents would be sooo proud if they knew 🤬. Not little kids either. Probably 10yrs if not more. Makes my blood boil. Well, boil more than it is already today 🥵.

    2. Rich


      On reading further, apparently feeding sugary water to exhausted bees is ok providing you only do it once and in a very small quantity. It certainly seemed to perk this fella up though.

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