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  1. Hello, i have a Ken Smith bsr5 , and I prefer a 4 strings.....fancy to t rade? Halo Ik heb een Ken Smith bsr5 , interrest om te ruilen ? Ik woon in groot bijgaarden. (brussels) Ik zien dat ji ken ook goed Geert Gr Claude PM [email protected]
  2. Hello Pete, I try to send you a PM , it is not working ??? Is it possible that you take contact with me. [email protected] Rgds Claude
  3. Pierre, is a very nice guy . It is great to deal with him Claude
  4. hi Pierre...great bass .....bump claude
  5. have a bump from me....nice bass claude
  6. claude

    Mr Gone

    [quote name='Matte_black' post='1144779' date='Feb 28 2011, 07:45 PM']Still here? Can't believe nobody jumped on this. [/quote] thanks for the comment claude
  7. claude

    Mr Gone

    [quote name='adledman' post='1143272' date='Feb 27 2011, 02:27 PM']you do fret-less bass an honor with your playing. lovely bass too![/quote] It is not me who play the bass, it is Wombatboter ...Geert...
  8. claude

    Mr Gone

    [quote name='shantijoe' post='1122454' date='Feb 10 2011, 12:33 PM']Spec on lefay site Was new 4100 euros Hiya a link to the lefay site might attract more interest, good luck with the sale, joe[/quote] I do it thanks....
  9. GONE[attachment=71334:IMG_3130.JPG]
  10. claude

    Mr Gone

    [quote name='wombatboter' post='1112315' date='Feb 2 2011, 02:13 PM']Still a nice and intrigueing bass...good luck with the sale. I'll come around your house shortly to check some of your instruments...it has been too long :-)[/quote] Geert, jij bent altijd welkom ....gr .... Claude
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