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  1. thank you Guys.... I'm in contact with John East, I"m gonna send him the old Alembic Electronic to repair...... Claude
  2. claude


    Si tu veux être crédible tu devrais faire des fotos de la basse chez toi et pas celle de l'atelier de Jerry. Belle basse....
  3. [quote name='garethox' post='707819' date='Jan 10 2010, 05:26 PM']Hi Claude. As far as I know the best bet would be to stick with Alembic. They are very, very busy and you will get a reply eventually.... patience is a must when dealing with Mica and the gang! Good luck![/quote] It is impossible to deal with Alembic there is no service , I have to find a other solution......
  4. Hello, sorry my English is poor...I own a Alembic distilated bass configuration is a rotary 4 position for the twoo pick ups (low inpedence) one volume and one tone so in total 3 knobs plus 3 extra switch it is working with one 9V battery. the preamps who inclued the volume pot and the tone is no more working...I ask several times to Alembic no repy...so if somebody can tel me where I wil find something similar who is working wiht the alembic pick ups Kind regards Claude Brussels Belgium
  5. wath is the scale? active or passive ? Bump for a nice bass
  6. I recommend the bass....I played on it yesterday Whaouwwwwwww.... And also the seller......... Geert....
  7. [quote name='leschirons' post='622937' date='Oct 11 2009, 10:36 AM']Ca c'est tres belle. Tu a achete' neuf?[/quote] Oui à un copain Anglais qui l'a fait faire spécialement sur mesure et qui s'est rendu compte le premier jour qu'elle ne lui correspondait pas..... claude
  8. [quote name='nonkel26' post='622604' date='Oct 10 2009, 06:16 PM']Nice bass Claude! Good luck with the sale! Dirk[/quote] Thank you Dirk........
  9. Bonjour Gérald, je suis Belge une fois...bien venu...ta F bass peut m'interresser envoie moi ton prix à mon adresse mail [email protected]
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