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  1. 13 hours ago, knicknack said:

    The KK Baby Basses could be a bet too. Perfect sound for more Latin styles, I'd happily use one for function work. Prices a little cheaper than some of the options here, and a few different models available. 


    Unless I'm being thick , I've not been able to find any prices anywhere on their web page . So no idea what the price ranges are for the KK EUBs

  2. 15 minutes ago, Lozz196 said:

    PMT have 10% off many items on orders over £149. Looks like they may be getting my dosh.

    Some of their Musicman basses are stating 10% off , yet are exactly the same price as last week , without the 'discount' .


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  3. 10 hours ago, spyder said:

    I've just received one for an early Xmas present from the wife.

    If I boost the bass just a little it distorts a very long way before the clip light and compressor kicks in.

    The only way to sort it is to turn down the gain so much the compressor hasn't got a hope in hell of working..... Useless.

    This makes the compressor redundant.

    The eq is pretty good with a lot of scope to adjust the sound.

    Has anyone else had this gain problem.

    Yep , that's why I got rid of mine .

    Couldn't cope with pedals before it at all , and wasn't that great with my Stingray even on it's own - passive bass fine .

    Loads on Talkbass about this . Shame really , as I thought the tone of it was really nice .

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  4. Think it's probably mid to late 80's .

    Bought it nearly 30 years ago from a bloke who sold the body and neck off , then got Roger Giffin to make a body with a fancy top , then fit the neck . He had a fretted and fretless done - as a pair . I went for both of them , but the fretted got sold. So I had the fretless and got a guy called Steve Smith (from Southend) , to fret it . He was involved with Goodfellow if I remember .

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  5. I've seen a nice 20yr old full fat US MM Sterling with matching black headstock and piezo , up for £1200 . So even the Sterling prices appear to have risen - and I don't really know if it's a valid price or not .

    I suppose all MM prices have gone up .

    Trouble is , like most who've seen and liked the new ones , and would like one , but lack the 2K ; they're now looking for a really nice 2nd hand one .

    Maybe this has contributed to pushing the prices up?

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  6. No idea what the bass frequency is set to , on the 3 band EQ's in my Stingray and Bogart , but it's higher than 40 , and very useful .

    I had a SEI Jazz years ago with an Aguilar 2 band that had the bass set at 40 hz , and it was utterly useless .

    Lots of people like these Aguilar 2 bands , and the Sadowsky one which is similar I believe , so what do I know - all taste as per normal .

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  7. 39 minutes ago, Bigwan said:

    Yummy! What are your other 2 rigs?! 

    Eden WT400 and 410XLT . Then Mesa 412 and rack .

    Truth be told  even though I've only had one rehearsal with the Handbox , I'm not sure if it's for me or not - wait and see .


    40 minutes ago, Bigwan said:



  8. 22 hours ago, peteb said:

     so why the obsession with making everything unnecessarily light?

    I know not everyone frequents a gym .....

    But I've never understood why some players will happily pay money to lift heavy stuff , but don't want to get paid to lift heavy stuff .

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