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  1. D'oh, these always go WAY too quick. Definitely interested if things fall through (doubt it though).
  2. PM'ed (twice, once yesterday morning, once today).
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Nice to know I'm not going mad. My experience with the promethean. -Went into a shop to try a shuttle 3.0 and saw the promethean. A/Bed them, loved the Promethean. -Went home to see what other people thought (no luck, at the time it seemed nobody had them). -Resolved to buy it, went back... it had been sold! -When they got another one in... What? How come I didn't notice that hiss before? In the end I got something else. Been following your other thread, and I'm glad to hear you got a good one in the end Lovely tone (the shuttle sounded so thin in comparison). If Ibanez can just get the quality control sorted out I think they've got a good thing going here.
  5. Zombie by the Cranberries. Played it to (un)death with the band, guess that's why it keeps coming back
  6. [quote name='Alien' post='849998' date='May 28 2010, 01:51 AM']So, do we have enough takers to get the little fella on the road too? A[/quote] Playing at my own wedding in two weeks (battle of the bands against my Fiancée's band) would be awesome to have it for that Otherwise I might have to look at taking Alex up on his one month free trial thing (After all, I don't want to be rude and skip the queue) Only risk being that I'd end up accidentally keeping it.
  7. I'm definitely interested. (Band has a drummer again, wooo!) Would like to see how this pairs with an RH450. Based in Cambridge As for DOOM, I seem to remember these have a tweeter control if that's not your sort of thing?
  8. Hello everyone Been lurking around here for a while, and I've even bought several items from various other basschatters now, so it's probably about time I introduced myself. Switched to bass about a year ago after previously playing guitar, violin and viola. Started with a cheap p-bass copy, but hey, it did the job I'm now playing in a rock/metal covers band, we've got our gigging toes wet, and we've recently started looking at writing original material. Now playing an Ibanez SR700 (attracted to the slim neck, I find can move around a lot quicker), and after borrowing various combos for the last year I've finally got my own amp, an RH450 plugged into a 15" Ashdown cab. Pedals include a Lomenzo hyperdrive and a bass big muff. Forum avatar is copyright me, yesterday evening (2010) And as I write this, I've just received an email saying that our drummer is leaving :-S Hmmm, hopefully the band will survive (otherwise I will have no excuse to trade gear any more). Bother. Well, all the best everyone, great community you've got here H-fish
  9. The Genz Benz STL-8t cab (you can get it without the amp) fits that description... [url="http://www.genzbenz.com/?fa=detail&mid=2350&sid=617&cid=96"]http://www.genzbenz.com/?fa=detail&mid...=617&cid=96[/url] Although it's not that much more compact than some of the other 10s and 12s out there. The Gallien Kreuger MBX 112 is very compact for a 12, not much bigger than the shuttle 8t... [url="http://www.gallien-krueger.com/products_mb_series.html"]http://www.gallien-krueger.com/products_mb_series.html[/url] (I've spent some time looking into this before when trying to devise a setup I could cycle to rehearsals with, fell apart when we started doing gigs)
  10. [quote name='deej' post='801988' date='Apr 10 2010, 06:26 PM']Have the prices of these gone up recently? There doesnt seem to be anyone doing the whole package for £799 anymore, and the amp is generally going for £899 on its own.[/quote] Oooh-kay? The Bonners website still has the amp listed as "in stock" for £745 (who knows how long for mind). That's a pretty hefty hike though. Glad I got my bundle last week. The cabs suddenly look a lot less tempting though.
  11. Ok, for various reasons, narrowing it down to just two. Ashdown ABM mini 15: Probably about the smallest 115 cab around. Apparently less bass response than you'd normally get from a 15 because of the tiny cabinet. Barefaced Midget: Probably about the smallest 112 cab around. Apparently very deep and loud for a single 12. How would these compare to one another. Would either get me close to gigging volume. Anyone tried both? Cheers all
  12. *After some more time spent with a tape measure* Admittedly I don't have the best tessellation skills in the world, but ideally something that has two dimensions less than 40cm (but the other one can be a lot bigger), would work best. Which from my original suggestions looks like the... NY121 (x2 if I could afford it, which I can't) Barefaced midget RS210 And strangely the Markbass traveller 122, which would fit better than the 102, but is outside my budget But precludes the compact, 210T, and AE112 :-S Cheers anyway
  13. In a strange turnaround, I now find that I am the designated/only driver in my band. Getting all of the equipment and people for a rock/metal five piece into my car (bar the drums for rehearsals thank goodness) is pushing things! So, I'm looking for a small cab that will give me maximum movement of air for cab size. Getting good low end as well would be great, but sadly gives way to practicality *cries*. Amp pushes 450w into 4 ohm, so I'm guessing I'm looking for something with a rating of about 300W at 8 ohm. Anyone got any views on the following? Current shortlist... Compact 210s: TC electronic RS210 (84.15 litres) Markbass traveller 102p (84.88 litres) Generally had my favorite sound from 10s, although they've always had much larger boxes (e.g. Genz Benz 210T, Eden EN210XST). Not tried either of the two above, so don't know how they would compare with their larger brethren. Compact 112s: Markbass NY121 (59.23 litres) Barefaced Midget (55.49 litres) Reducing the volume and the cone area by about a third, yet both of these cabs have very good power ratings. How much low end and volume would I be sacrificing with one of these? Compact 115! Ashdown ABM mini 15 (75.27 litres) Technically smaller than a 210 but with a larger cone area (smallest 115 I've ever seen). The last time I tried one, the lack of a tweeter was bothersome, but with some eq-ing it was workable. The amplifier I was using at the time only put 260w into 8 ohm however, so not as much volume as I might have liked. Hopefully with a more powerful amp this would keep up with the other 4 band members? Never played it in a band situation. (For reference, Peavey TNT 115 keeps up at rehearsals, small gigs, and is too big)
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. [quote name='clauster' post='775085' date='Mar 15 2010, 11:47 AM']Looks like there's both a speakon and a jack. I can't see an FX loop though. Am I right in thinking there isn't one?[/quote] Correct, speakon and jack, no fx loop. There is a tuner out though. Very nearly bought one of these, and then my band kinda collapsed the day I was going to go into the shop and buy it, so I have less of an excuse now :-S
  16. Hmmm, lots of advice now... which is all greatly appreciated, but I don't think I can follow all of it at once without causing some sort of paradox in my brain As for saving up enough to do it properly first time, I'd love to, but that's involves finding out what a 'proper' setup is for me (which, by the sounds of it, I have no chance of getting right first time). I realise second hand is a more sensible route to go down. Sadly I seem to be drawn to all the shiny new things that won't be sold on cheaply for a while yet (e.g. The Promethean, the TC electronics kit, and now I've made the mistake of reading through some threads about the Barefaced Midget too). On the plus side for the Promethean, if I were to get the combo, I could always keep the 1x10 as a nice compact cab for home use, and the actual head should have plenty of capacity for whatever I plug it into in the future. Anyway, I've got a nice big google docs spreadsheet of specs and prices building up... time to hit some more shops for a play around I think.
  17. [quote name='51m0n' post='771863' date='Mar 11 2010, 05:28 PM']Big +1 (although an IP112 is louder than anything that size has any right to be) My son has an LH500, its hugely loud for the cash outlay. Also buy second hand it works out massively cheaper.[/quote] Thanks for the input guys Sadly the LH500 in the for-sale forum seems to have sold recently. How about an LH500 (should another one come up) or maybe an Ashdown LG1000 like this... [url="http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~Ashdown-Little-Giant-1000,-Ex-Display~ID~12596.asp"]http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~A...ay~ID~12596.asp[/url] Combined with a TC Electronics RS210 [url="http://www.tcelectronic.com/rs210techspecs.asp"]http://www.tcelectronic.com/rs210techspecs.asp[/url] I liked the tone of the promethean, and I'm not sure how either of the amps above compare (not seen them anywhere to try out), but in terms of being heard I assume this has got to be better for a very similar price. (And then purchase the TC electronics amp later when I have that much cash burning a hole in my pocket... yeah probably not gonna happen).
  18. Having recently started playing small gigs, the secondhand <random brand you've never heard off> combo that I've been using for rehearsals has not really been up to the job. Having now played around with various lightweight heads, I've recently come across the Ibanez Promethean and I'm quite impressed (prefer it to the shuttle 6.0, pros and cons vs an LMII but it's cheaper, would love an RH450 but that's not happening any time soon). Question is whether I get it in its combo form (with a 1x10 cab, but the head can still be used standalone), with a view to getting an extension cab later (more versatile, can stick to just the combo for rehearsals), or whether I get a larger (possibly second hand) cab to start with. Playing it through the combo, although the volume and bass was good for a 1x10, it was far more satisfying plugging it into the 210T cab that came with the shuttle. The 1x10 started to sound awkward at higher volumes. My other concern would be, if I did get the combo, would anything larger than another 1x10 extension cab cause problems? If I put the same amount of power into that 110 as say a 210 extension cab (which can obviously take a lot more power), do I risk hitting the excursion limit of the 110 whilst barely moving the 210? Any recommendations for a cheap lightweight 210? Cheers
  19. Ok, time to set myself up as a target for ridicule There are a lot of threads in this forum regarding lightweight cabs (indeed there's a whopping great sticky right at the top), but a lot of the time these cabs, although light, are just as bulky as their heavier brethren. I've read the articles on the physics of cabinet design, so I'm aware I may be asking the impossible here, but in my crazy attempts to avoid using the car and cycle wherever possible, size is the big factor (this is where it gets really silly). Now, there are some fairly promising cabs/combos out there which should be possible to sling on a pannier, but the question is will any of these really cut it in a band setting? Possible candidates... Genz Benz shuttle cabs (8T or 10T) GK MBX112 Phil Jones Briefcase Markbass Minimark The GK looks especially tempting, 12 inch speaker, but with a very shallow cab and very lightweight (and cheaper than the others). Could possibly even sling one either side of the pannier. Technically I could probably push more power through these than the Laney RBW 300 or the Peavey TNT 115 that I currently use. But how would they really compare in terms of bottom end or volume? Can anyone think of any other potential candidates I've missed? Ideally I'm looking for options that have at least one dimension less than a foot. Or should I just give up and get a bike trailer to pull the 15s along behind me? (Yes, I'm mad, I could use the car, but I find cycling is actually quicker, better exercise, cheaper (both in terms of petrol and parking), and hey, it's more environmentally friendly). P.S. Has anyone ever tried isobaric speaker cabinets, such as the orange SP210? Supposedly this design gets more low end out of a small cabinet, although is closer to a single 10 in terms of volume. Cheers
  20. As others have said, this looks interesting, but I'd want to give it a go first. How long a trek would it be to wherever you are?
  21. [quote name='rasher80' post='652582' date='Nov 12 2009, 01:02 PM']don't suppose you'd be interested in a swap with a Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0-10T plus cash? Anybody else fancy the GB so i can have tihs?[/quote] Yes actually, that's one of the amps I've been watching out for as a possible lightweight rehearsal/PA supported setup. Will PM
  22. [quote name='iamapirate' post='631634' date='Oct 20 2009, 06:36 PM']wow! Won't be here for long.. If it is then it's coming to me haha[/quote] Right you are, PMed Edit: Assuming it's not this all over again [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=53757"]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=53757[/url] Fingers crossed though, loved the sound.
  23. I bought one these new a week ago. 3 days later there's a bargain second hand one just around the corner O_o Bother. Fantastic bass. None of the pictures online do the amber finish justice though.
  24. Ah, found the post I was thinking of... [quote name='5_string_death' post='272174' date='Aug 29 2008, 12:22 AM']Right, here's the deal, my Hyperdrive is damaged, not sure how or why, but I suspect its the foot switch that has become damaged in a high energy mid gig moment. All that happens when I step on it is that it gives off a small, weak click, and the effect and L.E.D stays active.[/quote] Not quite the same problem admittedly. Sadly the shop I got it from only had the one, and they didn't know when they'd be able to get any more. Wonder where the best place to order one online is.
  25. [quote name='cheddatom' post='533798' date='Jul 6 2009, 02:15 PM']IMHO The ODB-3 has so much low end on tap with the low control, there's no way you can get a thin sound out of it. I think some people just want to be able to leave the EQ controls flat so they "can hear the true sound of my bass, man".[/quote] Hence I say it's subjective Maybe if I'd had longer to play with it I would have found sounds I liked (I was admittedly in quite a rush that day).
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