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  1. LaBella Gold Flats fitted to my Lakland 44-94......sounds great on some recordings so far! Can't wait to gig it. Here's to not changing strings ever again?! lol

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    2. davebass66


      Have you found them slightly quieter than regular nickels or flats? I loved the tone of them on my P but then output was def lower!

    3. Sibob


      @davebass66Hmmm, can't say I've noticed a volume dip compared to the Chromes on my '71 Precision, but difficult to know what other differences are coming from the pickups etc (my 44-94 is a custom passive P/J). Not noticed anything significant going from the factory rounds it had on it to the Golds, but not to say there might have been some very minor differences, nothing my amp can't handle lol.

    4. DanEly


      I was about to ask if you noticed a volume drop. I had a huge volume drop on my Precision. I was previously using Chromes and Rounds.