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  1. My old pedal bump! Crazy pedal for the price
  2. Just got some strings off Steve. Pleasure to deal with and a very easy buy!
  3. [quote name='Twigman' timestamp='1363039435' post='2007550'] Here you go; [/quote] You have a gap that's absolutely dying to be filled!
  4. [quote name='nugget' timestamp='1360258557' post='1967642'] Mods - volume pot mod done standard 2.1mm Boss sized 9v adaptor, still runs of 9v battery True bypass [/quote]
  5. [quote name='skychaserhigh' timestamp='1361749166' post='1990409'] I see GAK have the pedal version listed at £229....ouch !! [/quote] Guess I'll be waiting until they're a bit more in circulation then! Mind you I've only just got my hands on a sansamp bass driver so im still playing with that
  6. I've just moved my compressor from the end to the beginning and am now getting a much clearer chain and it's opening up the other pedals to be themselves not they aren't getting compressed. No one can "really" say where things should go but it's always a case of playing around and seeing what either works best for you or best for your pedals
  7. Mines now at the beginning rather then the end. Just bought a sansamp bass driver and its sorta compresses he signal as well so having that then compressor at the end really killed the sound of the effects pedals. Now it sounds bloody brilliant! Aguilar compressor > mxr bass octave > bass big muff > enigma q balls > tuner > sansamp Real clean sound and actually less signal disturbance in the chain now
  8. [quote name='Ant' timestamp='1360781700' post='1976475'] GORM FOR LIFE [/quote] +1 No need to buy one!!
  9. [quote name='Al Heeley' timestamp='1360884848' post='1978050'] shoulda built it bigga...... [/quote] I'm feeling that now that I've filled the last gap with a SansAmp haha
  10. [quote name='geoham' timestamp='1360866138' post='1977675'] I have one of those power supplies - and it's simply terrible! Very noisy on any more than one pedal, and it just stopped working mid-rehearsal. There's a little 500mA fuse inside that decided to go pop. Even though it was only powering two pedals at the time! [/quote] I got 6 pedals on it at the moment and although they aren't all on at once I havent got any bad noise. I'm fully expecting to kill it though cuz I'm well aware how cheap its built
  11. Just sold a pedal to martin in a very smooth communicative manner. A trusty person do deal with that's for sure!
  12. [quote name='aj5string' timestamp='1361015510' post='1979762'] Thought this would go quicker than this [/quote] I was thinking about it haha
  13. You couldn't have an easier transaction than with Pablo! In communication from start to finish and delivered all safe and sound. Simply buy from this guy with no hesitation! Thanks again mate!
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