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  1. Hi All Ive just recieved a Markbass 102 Traveller from Ben. Tip Top condition,all as he said it was. We did the deal Sunday evening about an hour after he put it up. He Threw in the MB cover as well which wasn’t actually advertised. More than happy with the speed this transaction went through to completion and delivery.. Nice one Ben👍
  2. Wel I'm stil bubbling around. Actually started playing a bit now with a ukulele band
  3. Glad I read this thread,just what I needed to get back on my bass bike so to speak. Playing a bit is better than not playing at all. I was late fifties when I started taking lessons and 63 now. Time to refresh on all that theory I learnt and practice those scales again
  4. Hiya. I used to be on here a few years back but ran out of steam. Been feeling guilty looking at my basses sitting around not doing anything then bumped into Macdaddy and Bluejay and got told it would be good to come back. So here I is . Don't suppose I'll be contributing much but it's a great forum that I learnt a lot from in the past........
  5. Its worth will be discussed at the next board meeting.
  6. [quote name='dc2009' post='1315974' date='Jul 25 2011, 05:24 PM']Hi all, Had some interest in my Warwick for sale (mini shameless plug) from LA. Anyone here got any experience of sending basses to the states, and what the cheapest/most efficient/safest etc way to do it is. I want quotes first as this isn't definite yet! Thanks, Dan[/quote] Try these people based in Kings Langley. Maybe not the cheapest but if a jobs worth doing etc www.smaworldwide.com
  7. [quote name='ThomBassmonkey' post='1255989' date='Jun 3 2011, 09:49 PM']I don't think they're talking about that hole, I'm guessing it's about the small screw hole between that cut out and the pickup.[/quote] Ah yes ,I see now. At a guess it looks like a small screw hole doesn't it. Wonder why they put that there, Any ideas anyone, Oh isn't that what this threads about. Never mind I'll get me coat.
  8. My Jazz has that little hole,and its so you can get an allen key in to adjust the truss rod. Sorry if I've spoiled your guessing games but thats what its for.
  9. Big thankyou to Steve for being so patient waiting for payment to go from my bank to his over the Easter Bank Holiday. I picked the amp up yesterday from post office and its looks lovely in its yellow and black livery,won't get a chance to try it till Sunday now. Looking forward to it. Picked up a Peavey210 cab for sixty notes off the bay so digits crossed. He also did it for an excellent price as well. Thanks Steve.
  10. Try the iRealbook 900 jazz favourites plus hundreds more to be downloaded for free from the forum. Plays the basic chords for you at whatever tempo/style you fancy plus it has a looper. Wonderful bit of kit for not a lot of dosh.
  11. [quote name='munkonthehill' post='1209234' date='Apr 23 2011, 03:22 PM']amazing that you had no interest in the item however still decided to get arsey when you were ignored!!!![/quote] Didn't seem at all arsey. Your point being?
  12. [quote name='Stag' post='1202650' date='Apr 17 2011, 02:58 PM']Glorious. Where do you get this stuff from Si!!! lol[/quote] Simon actually has a time machine which he uses when he needs a few quid. Pop back to the early seventies to get a few sixties guitars,store them in his not insubstantial loft and there you go.
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