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  1. Can't remember the last time I saw this, here or in a pub.
  2. Joanna is complete apart from a new nut and a bit of fret levelling, it's been a useful test bed and is shaping up to be a good bass. I had a spare neck and pretty much all the hardware sitting around so it's used up a few spare parts.
  3. More progress (and another side project) The original T800 body was largely made by routing out a solid body, a face will be added later to close the chamber. This is the next generation where the central layer of the body is made up of edge pieces that form the hollow chamber. Glueing/clamping: The next generation body above will probably end up as one of those things with six skinny strings. Meanwhile the T800 marches on.... Back of the now profiled neck showing original veneer on the back of the headstock and heel: Trial assembly. I've put it together so I can try out different pickup regimes before making the front.
  4. There are a lot of beautiful native timbers out there but they just aren't available commercially. Apple, pear, plum, damson , also quite a few garden trees such as laburnum. I used to make blowy instruments out of some of them in a former life.
  5. Yes it's oak. Most pianos are poplar with various veneers, I had a panel from one that was oak with veneer , it will make about 8 fretboards. Bryan May used oak so I'm in good company.
  6. I did some fretting in the garden today... Fretting in progress Frets in but untrimmed. (and for some reason this is underlined) All trimmed and cleaned up.
  7. The P bass will be called Joanna (I want to keep the tele and that name has certain associations for me!)
  8. More pics... trial fitting of the machine heads, I've also oiled the poplar wood on the face of the headstock with linseed and it's given it pleasing colour. Headstock from the back, I'll keep the veneer on this bit . In order to test out a few tools , techniques, ideas, etc and use up a few spare parts and end up with an interesting bitsa I'm also working on this: Bitsa body with contours and staining on the carved areas to blend withe the veneer. T800 neck with dots made from ebony from the black keys.
  9. Most people think that's a French horn on "Overture" but we know otherwise...
  10. I like the song even more now I know that the first line of the second verse is "I didn't believe she was devil's sperm "
  11. The Suit , the hair, the boots, the voice...(he plays bass too)
  12. The Total Watts bit on my profile now says "69 Excellent" which isn't in the least bit funny.

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      well that worked then :) On 78 now. Is 78 actually physically possible?

      Like the school report by the way. 'Shameful waste of ... what we all ask: talent?, teacher's time?, a life? 

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